'Are You The One?' MTV Show Spoilers: Chris T Gets In Epic Fight With Housemates Over Shanley!

Are You The one
Are you the one? MTV.com

'Are You The One?' Season 1, Episode 6 premieres tonight at 11/10 central on MTV. In tonight's episode, MTV revealed that "Chris T. has an argument with some of his housemates after Simone tells him that he cares more about Shanley than she does about him." It's clearly going to be a heated epsiode, but its going to be more anger than sex appeal tonight! The rivalry between Ryan and Wes will also come to a head as we will finally find out which one is right for Kayla.

It is also going to be an episode with a pretty extreme revelation. TMZ has revealed that one of the stars of the show is actually married and has a newborn baby! 23-year old Dre McCoy is one of the key players on "Are You the One?" and it turns out he really is quite the player. According to a wedding registry, he is married to a girl named Tiffany Gore and even has a child with her. TMZ unearthed photos of the two wearing wedding rings at their baby's birth. 

The scandalous news is new to MTV execs as well - the show's producers were apparently completely unaware of Dre's marriage prior to his acceptance onto the show. However, MTV has since found out about the marriage and also the fact that Dre and Tiffany are separated and planning to divorce. This will make tonight's episode which centers on exes pretty intense. So tune in tonight to catch all the drama of MTV's latest dating show - "Are You The One?"


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