At least 99 people have been injured in a train crash that occurred yesterday morning in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires. A crash at the same station last year killed 52 people, the Huffington Post reports. According to Yahoo news, local helath chief Graciela Reybaud has confirmed that "Ninety-nine patients have been treated at Buenos Aires hospitals due to the accident." Following the accident, infuriated passengers formed an angry mob, "breaking glass inside the station and throwing stones in the street outside," according to Riot police were called to the scene to take control of the situation.

Security Secretary Berni said that it was too early to determine the exact cause of the accident, however, CBS reports that transportation Minister Florencio Randazzo has confirmed that driver Julio Benitez registered negative for alcohol during a routine test prior to his shift. A team of firefighters, police and ambulance personnel arrived on the scene, but several pasengers did not wait, kicking out train windows to escape the wreck. Argentina has been plagued with a string of train accidents: in addition to last year's deadly crash in February, a collision in June this year killed three people and injured 300. The accident ocrred athe Once station on the Sarmiento Line, one of Buenos Aires' busiest train lines. Increased surveillance cameras and newer cars have been installed by Transport Minister Florencio Randazzo to ameliorate the situation.