An Argentinian lawmaker has been suspended after he was seen kissing his partner’s recently done “breast implants” during a live Congress session.

The Salter lawmaker in question is Juan Emilio Ameri. He became a subject of discussion when he was captured on video sharing an intimate moment with an unknown woman, who he later claimed to be his partner.

The incident took place during a live remote session with his fellow legislators. In the video, the woman was seen coming toward Ameri and sitting on his lap. Soon he started to touch her and moment later, pulled down her top to kiss her breast.

The video sparked outrage among fellow colleagues on Thursday night. The scenes were allegedly broadcasted on the giant video screen installed in the Chamber of Deputies.

After the outrage, the 47-year-old Frente de Todos deputy defended himself by saying that he did not know that he is online at the time and therefore, the broadcast took place unknowingly.

“ I’m very ashamed, [I feel] very bad,” Ameri said during an interview. "Here, throughout the interior of the country, the [Internet] connection is very bad.”

He further said that the session was not connected and then it got reconnected automatically when his partner came and sat on his lap.

“We were in session, [but] the Internet dropped [out]. My partner came out of the bathroom, I asked him how the prostheses were and I gave her a kiss, because 10 days ago she had a breast implant operation," he added.

Shortly after his colleagues saw what just happened, the session was interrupted by the Lower House Speaker Sergio Massa as he emphasized that he needs to report a “serious offence.”

“There was a situation that has nothing to do with the normal decorum and operation of this house,” said Massa as he called on for Ameri’s immediate suspension.

Congress sessions in Argentina have been taking place through Zoom videoconference in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. The images from the incident went viral on social media almost immediately.

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