Celebrities love giving their furry babies love on social media. Some of these A-list pets even get their own accounts and gain their own fanbase. Here are five Latina A-listers who can’t get enough of their adorable four-legged companions.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been keeping out of the spotlight, but she did recently let slip that there’s someone new in her life. In June, the singer showed up in her friend Anna Collins’ Instagram photo with a dog in her lap. Fans quickly investigated the matter and found out that the furry white pup that Gomez was holding was the same one she had at Coachella in April. The precious pup's name is apparently Winnie.

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello loves showing off Thunder, her black German shepherd, on social media. In February 2018, Cabello introduced the gorgeous pup to her fans during a live Q&A. Thunder frequently shows up in the “Havana” singer’s Instagram stories. She calls him her “direwolf” and once said she may have “accidentally [given] him [her] emo.”

Ariana Grande

Piggy Smallz, Ariana Grande’s pet mini pig, must be one of the most popular pigs in the world. The “God Is A Woman” singer famously adopted the pet with her ex, Pete Davidson, back when the two were going strong. Davidson even got a tattoo of Piggy shortly after he and Grande acquired their new pet. As far as fans know, Grande got custody of Piggy Smallz after her split with Davidson.

Sofia Vergara

Baguette Gonzalez technically isn’t Sofia Vergara’s (it’s her son Manolo’s), but she does treat the Chihuahua like her own. Vergara even threw the pampered pooch an elaborate pink-themed birthday party complete with a cake that had feathers and lollipops, a tableful of macaroons and other treats and champagne.

Baguette loves getting dressed up, traveling and spending time with her “Grandmama.” She has her own Instagram page, where she is described as “the spirit of Mariah, in the body of a bread.”

Lele Pons

The YouTube star introduced the world to her new pup, Toby Pons, just a couple of months ago, but the fluffball already has over 350,000 followers on Instagram. Toby loves going to the beach and already knows how to take a selfie!