A son trolling an outraged dad is something very unconventional in a common household. But apparently, the Rivers are not one of them. Take it from a cracking scene between Austin Rivers and dad Doc late in the Clippers-Rockets game in Houston on Wednesday.

With the result already beyond doubt in favor of the Rockets late in the fourth, a frustrated Doc was seen going after an official in disgust with the reason being unclear. Austin then proceeded to troll him with a “T” gesture which prompted hilarious cheers from the home crowd.

Doc tried to ignore Austin’s antics as he continued complaining in front of the referee. But the latter perhaps hit “playtime” and wanted to lure his dad to an amusing father-son bonding moment, which for sure Doc never wanted to be a part of.

Austin then hyped up the crowd while continuing his clowning taunts in front of his dad, who was eventually sent off to the showers.

Family gatherings will never be the same for the Rivers from here on. Austin certainly is aware of it as he expects a weird thanksgiving night with the rest of the family.

In a more serious tone, the strong personal bond between the two is indisputable. With a simple look, Austin clearly knew his father was about to snap. “ I knew it was coming. I’ve seen that look before many times. Once he starts blinking his eyes fast that’s when I know he’s about to level up. I just started telling Tony (referee) get him and they got him. He’s out of here,” he said.

He then continued by saying that he enjoyed the moment a lot. “I doubt we go to dinner. He actually is sensitive about stuff like that. I love him. It was a really good moment. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m not gonna lie to you. I really did enjoy that”

James Harden just served another clinic in the said game after finishing with 47 points, six rebounds and seven assists in the win but fans are having none of this “usual” thing from the former MVP. Instead, they joined the fun in twitter and made the Rivers’ scene an instant meme.

Austin and Doc Rivers Austin Rivers #25 of the Los Angeles Clippers is greeted by head coach Doc Rivers as he comes off the floor against the Houston Rockets during Game Three of the Western Conference semifinals of the 2015 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on May 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Clippers won 124-99. Stephen Dunn / Getty Images