missing students of Ayotzinapa
Flowers arranged in the shape of a heart are seen during a protest to demand more information about the missing students of Ayotzinapa. Protesters marched 180 km from Iguala and arrived at the capital on Sunday. The 43 missing students abducted by corrupt police in southwest Mexico six weeks ago were apparently incinerated by drug gang henchmen and their remains tipped in a garbage dump and a river, the government said on Friday. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

Last Friday, Mexico’s attorney general, Jesus Murillo Karam gave a press conference where the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa were declared dead after being taken by the local police of Iguala, killed by order of then mayor, Luis Abarca and then burned to ashes along with the police officer’s clothes. The remains were allegedly put in six large garbage bags and thrown into a river nearby. Since the bodies were basically burnt to ashes, the detection of DNA on the remains found in the site will prove to be a challenge, as stated by the experts brought in from Austria to analyze what was found. The very matter-of-fact conference ended on an even less humane note when Murillo Karam said that was it as "I'm tired already." The phrase resulted in an immediate trending topic which went by the hashtag #yamecansé.

Celebrities and public figures took to social media, as the people of Mexico (and the world) stood united to express their outrage and sadness about the country’s situation and their condolences for what the families are going through.

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