Jose Eduardo Derbez daughter
José Eduardo Derbez/Instagram

Two of the most-awaited babies in the Latino entertainment world have finally arrived! This weekend was filled with joy and excitement as Tessa, the daughter of José Eduardo Derbez and Paola Dalay, was born in Mexico City, and Milo, the son of Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa, made his debut in Spain. Both families are over the moon, with moms and babies in excellent health.

Both babies are arriving in well known Latino showbiz families.

Tessa's dad, José Eduardo Derbez, is one of Mexico's most successful young actors. Her abuelo, Eugenio Derbez, is a Latino powerhouse in Hollywood, and her abuela, Victoria Ruffo, is one of the most beloved telenovela actresses of all time.

Milo's parents are both telenovela superstars. With such a rich legacy, the two new bundles of joy are sure to shine brightly in their own right.

Tessa arrival was announced by mom

"Bienvenida al mundo, Tessa," wrote the proud mom, Paola Dalay, alongside a heartwarming video featuring her daughter's tiny foot cradled in her hands. The touching background music, "Te esperaba" by Carlos Rivera, was the perfect choice to celebrate this sweet moment.

According to Paola Dalay, the beautiful model and influencer, baby Tessa González was born on Sunday, June 30, at 10:44 a.m. "El amor de nuestras vidas. Papá y yo te amamos con todo el corazón," she added, sharing her overwhelming joy and love for her newborn.

Milo Nova in Spain

On the other side of the Atlantic, actress Michelle Renaud and actor Matías Novoa also shared the blissful news of their son Milo's birth. The telenovela stars couple chose a more intimate setting for Milo's arrival, opting for a home birth in their new residence. Renaud took to social media to share the details of this special moment with her over five million Instagram followers.

In a heartfelt post, Michelle described the experience as "retador" (challenging) but incredibly magical. She recounted the pain and difficulty of each contraction, tempered by the joy of knowing she was getting closer to meeting her son. The presence of her husband, Matías, was a source of immense comfort and support throughout the process.

"Milo's birth... the best experience," she wrote. "It certainly was challenging and had its very painful moments, every contraction where my life was draining away, I thought, 'I'm closer to kissing him and seeing him.' Being able to welcome my baby into my home with my husband and son made it even more magical."

This weekend has been a celebration of life and love for these two families. With Tessa and Milo's arrivals, the Latino entertainment world is buzzing with joy. Both families are now embarking on new adventures with their precious bebecitos, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for these little stars in the making.

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