Have you ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities recover their figures after pregnancy in the blink of an eye? Indeed, Latinas in the world are recognized for something and it is for their sensual curves and molded bodies. Here we tell you some tricks of recognized Latin celebrities to keep their enviable bodies after having their babies.

As the case of Ana Ortiz, the famous actress of “Ugly Betty,” who despite being in her third pregnancy, still maintains a well-shaped body. The actress always tries to recover her figure in the most natural way possible, but with a little help from the Belly Bandit products that offer a variety of shawls for during and after pregnancy, as well as leggings, brassieres and other underwear that helps to recover the figure after the so much anticipated birth. "I've been told that breastfeeding helps me get fit, so I'm going to try to get my body to follow the natural course, but there's something called Belly Bandit and it's a resource that helps me recover my body faster," said Ortiz.

It’s a fact that constant compression in the most affected areas by pregnancy, meaning the stomach, waist and hips, helps to recover the muscle memory allowing the body to return to its natural form and also helping the uterus to contract faster after having the baby.

Adrianna Costa, the famous reality show presenter, mother and motherhood blogger, gives interesting and useful tips that she totally follows to keep her sexy looks during and after pregnancy. "A combination of healthy eating, breastfeeding and using my beloved Belly Bandit 24/7 helped me regain the weight I had before pregnancy in less than 8 weeks," said Costa. "Belly Bandit is comfortable, supportive and discreet, there is no better product than this, it has my seal of approval!"

Among the products offered by Belly Bandit you can find support bands to use during gestation, they offer benefits such as full adjustment growing with your stomach, and also relieving pains, such as back, legs and discomfort of the bladder; the product also helps to increase circulation and blood flow, plus minimize stretch marks, varicose veins and hernias.

Famous actress Roselyn Sánchez, from Devious Maids, and new mother for the second time seems to be a fan, she was recently seen in Los Angeles buying Belly Bandit products.

After pregnancy, the brand also provides products that, in addition to making you feel comfortable, safe and sexy, don’t leave the style aside, such as the Mother Tucker Shorties or the Mother Tucker Leggings. This type of garments fit all types of outfits and will make you look great at all times. The sexy singer Christina Aguilera has been photographed wearing the Mother Tucker Leggings keeping her trendy style and looking very comfortable at the same time.

Christina Aguilera Xtina wearing Mother Tucker Leggings. Photo: Courtesy

And last but not least, Mexican actress and dancer Adriana Fonseca loves Mother Tucker Shorties, because according to her, the body is enhanced and her Latin curves are noticed. "I love that you don’t notice that they are seamless, that they look like my skin, I love fabric and it brings out the best in my figure."

Now you know the secret of Latin celebrities in Hollywood to recover their stunning figures after their pregnancy!