Earlier this week, the boys of Performance Power Racing released a video on Vimeo starring its latest creation-- the brutally fast BADD Ford GT.

The intro sets the tone: "You know, Johnny, the Bugatti Veyron goes 268 miles an hour, making it the fastest car in the world. I think we need to address that."

"I agree, Matt. I think Performance Power Racing needs to lay down the law."

And that's exactly what PPR did. Not your average hot rodder, Project PPR is a publicity tool used to promote Performance Power Materials, Inc. an aluminum engineering firm that is pushing the boundaries of materials engineering. Working on an all-new high strength, high temperature tolerant material known as Pandalloy aluminum, the BADD Ford GT is built using in-house Pandalloy components designed by Performance Power Materials Inc.

The result? PPR finished its twin-turbocharged 1700-hp Ford GT and brought it to NASA's Kennedy Space Center for an epic balls-to-the wall standing mile, clocking exactly 283.232 mph. The BADD Ford GT is officially in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest standing mile in a street car. What's more, let's not forget that the Bugatti Veyron requires the Nardo Test Ring for its max velocity run. PPR stomped Bugatti's record with no more than a 1-mile of runway.

The latest acheivement in a Ford GT is only one of many. In fact, the legendary Ford GT has been breaking records and winning races since its incepion.

Back in 1964, the Europeans considered Carroll Shelby a "garagisti"-- a chicken farmer with an empty barn and a blank check from Ford up against the highly disciplined mechanical artisans of Scuderia Ferrari, the pride of Maranello, Italy. Severe short sight on Ferrari's part, Shelby and his Ford GT40 would win the 24 Hours of Le Mans outright... four consecutive times. From 1966 through 1969, the Ford GT40 was without peer.

Check out the awesome video of the 283.232 mph Ford GT below:

Worlds Fastest Street Car @ 283mph - PPR Standing Mile Guinness World Record from Stage 3 Imports on Vimeo.