Luis Fernando Muñoz Castro, member of Banda Los Recoditos, has died in a car crash along with four other people in Sinaloa. According to sources, Luis Fernando was the co-pilot of the truck that crashed on July 25 that left five people dead and six people injured. Luis Fernando was the one that played the clarinet in the popular band and was only 25 years old. "Sadly we have to confirm the loss of our friend, Luis Fernando Muñoz," read a message on the verified Banda Los Recoditos Twitter account. The musician had only posted a photo of himself on Instagram and his girlfriend hours before his untimely death. The accident happened at the 53 kilometer of La Costera highway. Rest in peace, Luis Fernando Muñoz Castro.

Luis Angel Franco, vocalist of the band wrote: "A star has gone up to heaven. I feel sad friend but I know that you will play the clarinet beautifully up there and you will make God happy. It has been a long night waking a friend and making the crowns that people have asked me to do." Franco then shared a photo of a flower arrangement he dedicated to his friend, "this is my last gift for this friend. He loved roses and he is now surrounded by them." He later added, "I will try to sleep to regain strength. I can't sleep but I need to be well to say goodbye to him."

The official Twitter account dedicated some words to fans after the devastating news: "We would like to thank everyone for their condolences, thank you for your words during these difficult times. Without a doubt our bandmate Luis Fernando has left a great void in our hearts, we ask that you continue praying for his eternal peace and above all for his family that in these moments. They need your prayers so they can assimilate this situation. We send you a big hug up in heaven. God needed a great musician like you. Unfortunately you have gone too son but we know that one day we will reunite."