Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have been married for years and it seems that their bond is unbreakable.

Unfortunately for the couple, they recently became the subject of a tabloid’s fake stories about divorce. Globe claimed that the former president of the United States has grown tired of the constant fighting between him and the former first lady. As such, the dad of two told his wife that they should just get a divorce.

“Michelle had divorce papers drawn up by her lawyers, and the word is Barack Obama has taken things a step further by serving Michelle with papers of his own,”  an unnamed source said. “She was shocked, as you can imagine, but she’s conspiring with her lawyers to squeeze Barack for as much money as they can,” the insider added.

However, the tipster went as far as saying that Barack refused his wife’s demands for alimony because he knows that she can support herself. The former first lady has a law degree and she is also earning profits from her book, “Becoming.”

The unfounded claims also revealed that Barack Obama is adamant about keeping their property at Martha’s Vineyard. The former president has, reportedly, ripped off his wedding ring and threw it at Michelle during their latest fight.

Barack has also been accused of being unfaithful and Michelle, reportedly, busted him out for his lies. However, according to the rumor-debunking site, Gossip Cop, there is no truth to the claims.

The former president and first lady are not on the brink of a divorce. It is also unlikely that Barack Obama cheated on his wife or that he threw his wedding ring at her. Since the rumors about their divorce are most likely fabricated, the couple has not drawn up divorce papers with the help of their respective lawyers.

Just a few days ago, Barack Obama posted an adorable photo of himself with his wife during the early years of their relationship. This proves that the couple is not only together; they are still very much in love with each other as well.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama Photo of Michelle Obama and Barack Obama dancing. Photo: Getty Images