It’s a girl for Bárbara Coppel! Montserrat Oliver’s ex and her new husband Alejandro Hank Amaya became parents of a beautiful baby girl on Monday, July 25. The pair welcomed their daughter to the world in Paris, where they live, and named her Amaïa Hank Coppel. She was born at 1:40pm, weighed seven pounds and was 19 inches long. “We want to share our greatest happiness in the world!” Coppel wrote on Instagram along with a photo of Amaïa in her arms, taken at the hospital.

The baby was born via C-section because, according to the mother, she was “way too high.” Coppel also noted that the two of them, mother and daughter were “perfect.” She continued sharing her joy on social media posting as many special moments with the baby as she could. She documented Amaïa’s first bath with a lovely video and also uploaded a photo of the new family of three, with the caption “Dying of love!”

Meanwhile, the father, Alejandro Hank Amaya, also shared his excitement with a photo of the baby wrapped in a polka dot blanket that he captioned, “Amaïa is a day old. I had never imagined you could love someone like this! She even looks a little ‘flamenca’ in those polka dots haha. I share this with you because it’s the biggest happiness of my life. Thank you for your messages!”

Bárbara and Alejandro’s relationship came as a shock to a lot of people. Bárbara had been dating TV host Montserrat Oliver for about 13 years and was allegedly so heartbroken after the break up that she took a trip to Europe with her friends. That’s where she met Alejandro, a celebrity Matador who had been married to actress Ana Brenda Contreras and ended the marriage just a few days before the religious ceremony was to take place.

Both Coppel and Hank had been classmates back in the day, and after they met again, they began dating. A few months later, they surprised the world with the news that Bárbara was pregnant in November 2015.  The couple then planned an ostentatious wedding that took place on February 6, 2016 in Los Cabos, Mexico.