Barbie Dolls
As Barbie celebrates its 65th anniversary, Mexican and Brazilian gymnasts Alexa Moreno and Rebeca Andrade, along with seven others, will receive their own dolls AFP

Barbie dolls are celebrating their 65th anniversary this year. As Mattel continues to ride high from last year's Barbie-movie-mania, the toy company announced it would celebrate nine female athletes from around the world, two of which are Latinas, with Barbie dolls of their likeness.

Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno and Brazilian Gymnast Rebeca Andrade are the two Latinas who will be receiving their own dolls ahead of the celebration. Mattel reports that the initiative stems from their commitment to leveling the playing field for girls globally, in sports and beyond.

"The sports one-of-a-kind role model dolls serve as an embodiment of our shared values of passion, empowerment and individuality," the company said in a statement.

"By shining a light on these inspirational athletes and their stories, we hope to champion the belief that every young girl deserves the opportunity to pursue her passions and turn her dreams into reality," Mattel continued.

While the dolls are part of Mattel's celebration of Barbie dolls, the athletes' toys are one of a kind and not available for purchase, Mattel told CBS MoneyWatch on Wednesday.

Moreno is Mexico's first female world medalist in gymnastics. She's been recognized by Forbes Mexico as one of the 100 most powerful women in the country.

Following a hiatus, Moreno returned to the competitive gymnastics scene in 2023 at the Pan American Gymnastics Championships in Medellin, Colombia, in which she won vault gold.

"I love doing gymnastics," she told in an exclusive interview last year. "I had several surgeries, and then I wasn't very sure (about coming back), but last year I went to Liverpool to see the World Championships and I was very excited. I said, 'Wow, it would be very cool to be back there and live that experience again!' So, I decided to come back to have the experience one more time and here I am."

Similarly, Andrade is an olympic gold and silver medalist, regarded as one of the best gymnasts of all time. The Brazilian athlete is a two-time World Championship champion and has won more than ten medals in World Cups. She is often regarded as the American gymnast' Simone Biles' main competition in the vault.

Andrade is also expected to attend the upcoming Paris olympics, and with it, break several records.

"They should wait for me to give 110%, regardless of what happens in the competition," she told "I need them to know that, you know? That we will arrive to do our best. I will get there, give myself, body and soul, even with all the attention and expectations."

Other athletes being honored with their own dolls are American tennis player Venus William, Canadian soccer player Christine Sinclair, Australian football player Mary Fowler, French boxer Estelle Mossely, Spanish paratriathlon athlete Susana Rodriguez, Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini and Polish track and field sprinter Ewa Swoboda.

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