Due to ongoing criticism at Camp Nou, Barcelona defender Dani Alves said this week that he’ll depart the Catalan club during the upcoming summer transfer period unless the negative energy surrounding himself and his teammates dissipates. The 31-year-old defender was recently a target of racism during Barca’s 3-2 triumph over La Liga rival Villarreal and even though the Brazil international downplayed the situation in the best possible fashion -- by picking up a banana thrown in his direction on the pitch and eating it -- Alves says the personal criticism of his performance is unwarranted and must change if he’s to remain with Barcelona.

“It takes a lot to get to Barcelona, and whoever it hurts I am part of the history of this club,” Alves said. “I need energy, it is what moves me. I am a happy person. I have always been like that, but when the results not being as people expected there have to be shots fired, and I feel fired at. If you begin to feel the energy is negative, then things do not flow. If this energy does not change, for sure I will leave because it takes a lot out of you. For me to stay this summer the energy would have to change. People should really appreciate the things players do.”

With two matches remaining in the Spanish Primera Division season, Alves and Barcelona find themselves three points back of table-leading Atlético Madrid. Though Real Madrid and star scorer Cristiano Ronaldo remain only four points out of the coveted No. 1 slot, a two-club race has developed between defending league champion Barca and last season’s Copa del Rey winner. Fully aware that the odds of overtaking Los Rojiblancos are slim, Dani Alves insists his club is capable of winning the league for a second-straight season. Anything less, according to the defender, would be a disaster.

“If we don't win the league then the season is a disaster,” Alves said. “A lot of opportunities have been given to us and we haven't taken them. I have 100 per cent trust in this team and I guarantee you we will not fail.”