Uber Driver Accused Of Rape Allegedly Flees Country After Posting Bail Free-Photos/ Pixabay

A man suspected in the disappearance and presumed death of his wife has posted a bail of $500,000 and was released Monday. Barry Morphew, 53, walked out of the Chaffee County jail in Colorado along with his two daughters by his side. Morphew was captured on local media footage leaving the facility and getting into a pickup truck.

To this day, Morphew has maintained his innocence on all charges against him in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Suzanne, who was reported missing on May 10, 2020. The charges included first-degree murder and tampering with a deceased human body to which Morphew had denied when he posted a video on Facebook pleading for his wife to return.

It was on Mother’s Day when Suzanne Morphew had gone out for a bike ride in Maysville, Colorado and since has not returned home.

According to The Denver Channel, the affidavit for his arrest which contains full details of his allegations has now been released to the public. The 130 page document states how investigators allege that Morphew may have possibly staged his wife’s fateful bike ride on a nearby hill as most of her personal belongings were still in her car. A Chaffee County sheriff deputy also had suspicions as it seemed that his wife’s bike appeared to have been purposely thrown.

In a 4-day preliminary hearing held in August, Morphew was already suspected to have killed his wife before he left for work just the day before she was reported missing.

During his testimony, Chaffee County Undersheriff Andy Rohrich was quick to say that Morphew appeared to shed "crocodile tears” upon arriving at the scene where his wife's bicycle was found.

It was claimed in the document that Morphew took steps to conceal his wife’s murder in the following days which was then proven by the investigation to be false and misleading.

Authorities had also known of Suzanne’s ongoing affair with her high school classmate, Jeff Libler. In a statement from Suzanne’s close friend Sheila Oliver, Morphew took to stalking his wife in desperate efforts to determine if she was having an affair.

Suzanne had been seeking divorce from January 2020 and her family and close friends had first hand knowledge about her intentions. However, when questioned by investigators, Morphew initially said he and Suzanne had a perfect marriage and that she had no desire to leave him.

Days after Suzanne’s disappearance, he was asked to take a polygraph test. He flat out refused.

FBI agents had repeatedly spoken with Morphew earlier this year in an effort to pin down factual details. But his story has changed numerous times. This month, a judge found there was enough compelling evidence against him to go to trial.

Forensic police at the scene in a rubber plantation where the burned remains, believed to be of a missing 19-year-old woman, were found on Tuesday morning, in Wang Thong district, Phitsanulok.
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