“Batwoman” will be debuting on The CW this year, and it will make history because it’s the first superhero TV series that will feature an openly lesbian main character. It was revealed by showrunner Caroline Dries that Kate Kane will also fall in love with a woman, and this could become a controversial topic when it airs. 

Her sexual orientation played a big part in her backstory during her pre-Batwoman days, and this will be shown in the new series. But Dries explained that they will not delve too much on Batwoman’s sexuality, plus they will handle this subject very carefully so there will be no issues.

“What’s important to us is Kate being gay is just another one of her traits, and we’re not going to make it that huge in the story apart from the fact that when she falls in love, it’s with a woman," Comic Book quoted the showrunner as saying. 

Batwomans Origins 

It was reported that “Batwoman” will open with a story that took place long before the events of “Elseworlds” crossover in 2018. This character was introduced in The CW Arrowverse, but Kate’s origin story will only be narrated in the first few episodes of the upcoming superhero drama. It will show the protagonist’s life before she was introduced in the “Elseworlds.” 

The TV series will have the same setting as with the other DC multiverse series. It will take place on the same Earth as “Supergirl,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Arrow” and “The Flash.” 

New Villains

Although “Batwoman” is a superhero in the DC Arrowverse, the show will not be featuring villains who already appeared in other superhero shows. Dries revealed that they will bring in new villains, so Kate Kane will have her own enemies to face.

“Because you’ve seen so many different versions of Batman villains, we’re trying to find a different way in,” Dries said. “We are not going to repeat villains from the Arrowverse; we’re using a whole new chapter of villains and heroes.” 

“Batwoman” is set to premiere on Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. on The CW. Ruby Rose of the “Orange Is The New Black” is playing the new superhero on this show. 

Batwoman Official Cover Photo of Batwoman. Batwoman/Facebook