This new drama makes Laura Bozzo and Carmen Aristegui’s feud look like a little argument in a hair salon. It turns out that Carmen Salinas’ godson, a singer named Abraham Batarse, wanted Belinda to collaborate in a duet with him, and in the middle of the negotiations, he called the pop singer and her publicist, Dana Vázquez to continue the talks. Belinda and Vázques allegedly came up with a deal that asked up-and-coming Batarse $150,000 to produce and collaborate in a song with him.

Belinda supposedly asked for another amount to write 10 tweets mentioning the singer and promoting the song. The conversation apparently was recorded and leaked online, presumably by Batarse. Belinda allegedly said, according to the recording, “I’m an artist with 13 years in the industry and that helps you a lot more than being with Carmelita,” referring to Carmen Salinas.

“I’m young and I have a lot of years of career ahead of me, I’m very important. I’m the biggest young artist in Latin America, not only Mexico. I don’t need this, I’m only doing this because I like you and want to help you out.” She reportedly went on, “No one is going to ask what I’m asking. Pitbull asks for 500 or 600 thousand just to make a small appearance on a song. I’m going to take you to different shows, I’ll promote you on Twitter and I’m going to produce the song.”

In the end, the collaboration between Batarse and Belinda never happened. Enter Carmen Salinas. She began with promoting Abraham Batarse on her Twitter account, saying he was a gentleman and that he was very talented and encouraged her followers to follow him. However, that didn’t resonate too well with Belinda fans. They began tweeting at Salinas that her “loved godson” wasn’t talented, that he was using her the same way he wanted to use Belinda, and that he was everything but a gentleman for leaking private conversations only to become more famous.

People didn’t stop there, and the situation got more heated up when Salinas began replying to all those Belinda fans. And eventually Salinas got fed up, and went on TV saying “I hope she [Belinda] has some sort of reference of the things I’ve done on TV ... She doesn’t know me personally, but I hope she has some sort of cultural background. Our work requires it.” Salinas then opened up about the Twitter threats she’s been receiving.

“It’s been horrible ... I’m followed by the people, Belinda. I’m not followed by your fancy fans. When you’ve been through all the things that I’ve been through, that I don’t need to mention right now, nothing hurts me anymore.” Belinda has remained hush about this whole thing, and when she was approached by the press recently, all she had to say was “I ask what I ask and that’s it. I’m in all my right to do that and besides I don’t know that person, thank you,” she said, referring to Batarse.