Bella Thorne has been hugging the headlines recently. Aside from her spat with Whoopi Goldberg, the singer is again in the news as his new boyfriend now hints that he does not mind a third party in a threesome with his bisexual girlfriend.

Benjamin Mascolo, Bella Thorne’s new 25-year-old Italian boyfriend, recently attended Modena, Italy’s Pride event, where he jokingly said that he wants proof of Thorne’s bisexuality. For this to happen, he does not mind at all if his girlfriend will bring along another woman with her to their bedroom.

“My girlfriend is bisexual,” Mascolo said. “Some of you might think I am lucky boy because of that. Well, I think I will consider myself lucky the day there will be more than one person in bed with me.”

Mascolo even hinted that he is a bit jealous because Thorne can get attracted to both sexes. “I am a very jealous person and since she is bisexual it is even harder for me now,” he explained.

However, the Italian singer also said that Thorne has been a very positive influence on him, especially on LGBTQ matters. “I am happy because she is teaching me a lot,” he said.

“I am very proud of her being openly bisexual, I am proud of all the people who came out as homosexual or bisexual,” Mascolo added. “I think we need to get rid of all the bias toward LGBT people. Homophobia is truly an illness, we need to get rid of it.”

The couple has been dating since April, but they only made their relationship official via an Instagram post early this month. In the photo, Thorne is seen licking Mascolo’s neck.

“He hates my breath,” Thorne captioned the photo. However, she deleted the post afterward.

Mascolo is a singer just like Thorne. He, along with teammate Federico Rossi, is a member of a pop duo called Benji & Fede, which won an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Italian Act.

He is based in Modena, Italy, which makes meeting up with Thorne a bit of a problem since she lives in the US. But fortunately there’s FaceTime.

“Ben is a cutie pie and seeing him on FaceTime all the time makes me smile very big,” Thorne said. “Clearly, he lives in Italy so it's an interesting thing.”

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