Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez
Back in the early 2000s, Bennifer was the "it couple." They even shot two movies together while they were dating. None of them worked, in fact, "Gigli" is considered one of the worst movies of our time. It left Ben Affleck so traumatized that he refuses to co-star with his current wife, Jennifer Garner. Reuters

We remember the “Bennifer” days, when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were Hollywood’s “it couple” and every paparazzi wanted a shot of the two of them. They were one of the most public celebrity couples that we can think of, with their lives covered in every media outlet possible and their appearances at events being the Holy Grail of any event planner. Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of them, it was announced that they would co-star in a movie together.

There was a lot of anticipation and expectations surrounding the film, but most importantly, everyone wanted to see how Ben and Jenn would work together, if their off-screen chemistry would translate on-screen. It didn’t. “Gigli” was one of the biggest movie flops in the history of movies (yeah, it was that bad) and there was nothing anyone could do about it. And just because one horrible movie wasn’t enough, the couple at the time released yet another one, “Jersey Girl” which wasn’t good either.

This past experience left Ben Affleck traumatized to the point where he says that he will never co-star with his current wife, Jennifer Garner. The two of them have been in movies together before as they both did Pearl Harbor (Ben was part of the main cast while Jennifer played a nurse) and Daredevil (where they played love interests), but at the time, they were both friends and Affleck was dating JLo while shooting Daredevil. Now that they’ve been married for nine years, have three kids together and have managed to keep a very low-key family life, Ben wouldn’t put his private life on display so publicly.

“I’m against married couples of actors in real life playing a couple in front of the cameras. I think it’s a mistake. The public already knows too much about our private lives because of the paparazzi and social networks, so separating fact and fiction is almost impossible,” Affleck told French magazine Version Femina. Also, my experience in this regard is not very positive (in reference to Jennifer Lopez), quite the opposite. So the answer to act with my wife would be a resounding ‘no,’” he added.

However, Ben would totally be on board directing his wife in a movie so he can bring out aspects of her personality that he only knows and admires. “I would be willing to direct her tomorrow because she has an amazing acting talent. And I know I could get an unmatched emotional directness and authenticity from her. I would love to see her getting into the skin of a strong character to show some of those qualities that only I know,” he explained. Now we would totally love to see Garner in a role directed by Ben! What do you think?

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