These luxury hotels in Latin America will effectively enhance your trip, no matter which destination you choose.

Wherever you are going, there is a chance that you may end up with one of the worst hotel services ever. However, if you do your homework in due time, you are knowledgeable about possible poor services.

And why should you settle with the possibility of a poor hotel experience when you can go for the best. Here are the cream-of-the-crop luxury hotels in Latin America.

Central America

Central American countries offer a slew of tourist destinations, each with specific attractions. From Mexico to Panama, these are the best luxury hotels.


Given its expanse, natural variety, and cultural richness, Mexico has a lot to offer for visitors. Clearly, around 23.3 million tourists took note . If luxury is what you search for but want a tinge of authentic Latino culture, here are the main spots you should consider.

JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Cancun

The Marriott chain secured a spot right at the tip of the Yucatan peninsula. The white and green hotel towers over white sand beaches. At the same time, visitors can admire the endless azure seas engulfing the luxury resort on both sides.

If you are not one for laying in the sun and on sand, the Marriott hotel provides an all-inclusive experience within its bounds, including pools with artificial coral reefs.

The Cape, Los Cabos

The Cape is a true landmark on the beachfront of Los Cabos. Some may consider its cold colours and minimalist design off-putting, but the destination is anything but.

The Cape is one of the best luxury hotels in Latin America, and for a good reason. Its elegant aspect and pristine location make it ideal for a soothing getaway.

Walking around this architectural wonder may be like travelling through a strange cityscape. Once you get used to it, your stay will become a life-changing time.

Amalys Luxury Resort, Santa Maria de Colotepec

A more rustic and homely destination, Amalys is still one of the best luxury hotels in Latin America. It also is ideal for visiting Mexico's Pacific south coast.

There, you can walk along nigh virgin beaches filled with delicate green cacti and agave trees, dotted with flower shrubs with viscerally pink petals. There really is no better way to spend a torrid day than under straw roofs and jumping distance from clear blue pools.

Costa Rica

Go a bit down south from Mexico, and you will find Costa Rica, a country of beauty unparalleled, with endless jungles, palm trees scattering the coast, a lively culture, and some of the best luxury hotels in Latin America.

Nayara Resort, Spa, and Gardens

It is a combination of elegance and down-to-earth rusticism on the inside. Take a step outside on the wooden porch, and you are smack-dab in the middle an endless weaving of heliconia tortuosa.

Its incisive red fanglike inflorescences will play tricks on you but be not afraid. The fauna in La Fortuna is nothing but inviting to admire. Waste a day following hummingbirds in their darting flight or relax inside. Nayara Resort is ideal for your next trip, and uncoincidentally, it is the recommended destination according to the Forbes Travel Guide.

Casa Chameleon, Las Catalinas

The cliffside resort is just as colourful as the name would indicate. Casa Chameleon is one of those luxury hotels in Latin America that got a solid infusion of local flavour.

The location is memorable for its placement. It is as if the hotel is in constant dialogue with nature beyond. And it is the discourse of two lovers, as the design and architecture are in perfect accord with the pastel forests and the soothing sea.

It would be a real shame not to spend some time floating in the infinite pool, looking down on the gulf, on a particularly pleasant day.

El Salvador

The small nation of El Salvador has some breathtaking views towards the Pacific, especially in the southern area, where it borders the Gulf of Fonseca.

Casa de Mar Hotel and Villas

Located on the northern side of the coast and a couple of hours' drive away from San Salvador, the capital, Casa de Mar is ideal to combine your resort stay with visiting some cultural destinations.

The hotel itself already provides an impressive enough view and more than enough activities to warrant your stay there.

Boca Olas Resort, El Tunco

Boca Olas is another lively destination that will provide you with all essentials for a high-quality vacation in a virgin landscape.

Granted, the resort is more inland. However, its placement by the Rio Grande certainly is a welcome change. Plus, the award-winning restaurants in the resort are a taste you shouldn't miss.

Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel, in Flores, Guatemala

You want to disconnect from the hustle-and-bustle of the tech-heavy, smoke-filled everyday. You want to do it as eco-friendly as possible.

Not only does Las Lagunas provide just that, but it also counts among the best luxury hotels in Latin America. The hotel is placed among 300 acres of protected forests and lagoons in the north.

If the pristine and untouched nature and landscapes are not enough, Las Lagunas is a comfortable ten-minute drive away from Tikal, a one-of-a-kind UNESCO-protected Mayan pyramid temple complex. One of a kind is the correct formulation for Las Lagunas and the milieu it provides its visitors.

Indura Beach & Golf Resort, in Tornabe, Honduras

Family-friendly and local are two words you can easily associate with Indura Beach & Golf Resort, one of the best Latin American luxury hotels.

The straw top pagodas and treehouses are built from locally sourced materials, providing a splendid ecologically conscious getaway to a lovely natural paradise. Imagine watching your close ones play and relax in the background of the Honduran jungle, with distant scarlet macaw chirps and howler monkey echoes.

Golf enthusiasts can further imagine playing in the lovely natural landscape. The Latin American luxury hotel hits a sweet spot between homely and novel.

Indura Resort is all about eco-consciousness, using CO2 emission-reducing LED lights and water waste accumulation systems. Additionally, no Styrofoam or straws are allowed.

Mukul, in Rivas, Nicaragua

The "Secret of Chorotega" is situated between miles of pristine jungle on one side and Pacific coastline on the other, making its placement ideal for Latin American luxury hotels.

The double-sidedness of its location gets further echoed in its world-class facilities: both an impeccable spa and golf course backed by David McLay Kidd. Additionally, beyond luxury pastimes, the hotel also puts Nicaraguan culture in the limelight, showcasing the nation's artisanal goods and trademark products, such as rum, cigars, and coffee.

The Bristol, in Panama City, Panama

This Latin American luxury hotel swings in a different direction than other venues and resorts.

You will not be diving into the green sea of the jungle, bordering the endless blue of the ocean. Instead, you will stay in the middle of Panama City, a Miami-like location filled with entertainment and places worthy of your visit.

Tourist spots vary between the high-class, high-tech, modern cityscape and the historical. Take a look at these venues utilising colonial-era ruins.

The Bannister Hotel & Yacht Club, in Samana, The Dominican Republic

The Bannister is a lavish hotel in a secluded area of one of the Dominican Republic's most naturally stunning regions.