“Real Housewives Of New York” star Bethenny Frankel continues to fight for her daughter's full custody against ex-husband Jason Hoppy. A psychologist in the middle of this custody battle, however, advised the reality star to slow things down as taking full custody of her daughter may not be a good idea. Hoppy requests Frankel to undergo a drug test.

Once again, Frankel is on full battle mode — this time not against her haters but against her ex, Hoppy. Frankel is requesting for the full custody of 8-year-old daughter Bryn as shared custody is negatively affecting her. Hoppy’s abusive behavior is one of the reasons that Frankel is fighting for her daughter, and their present custody arrangement is not working.

The Skinnygirl owner claims that Hoppy is manhandling her and physically pulling Bryn away from her. Frankel shared how Hoppy once locked up her dog, Cookie, in a storage unit for hours and not inform her about it.

After her divorce from Hoppy in 2016, Frankel dated Denise Shields, who died in pill overdose last year. The reality star detailed how Hoppy abused her in every aspect, including through emails. Frankel told the court she received 500 emails from Hoppy, belittling her as a person, saying “ugh, this is what 43 looks like.”

Hoppy’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, defended his client saying Hoppy is not perfect but accepts responsibility. He strongly pointed out that Frankel has her own wrongdoings too and reminded her about the agreement on shared custody, which she initially agreed to. Hoppy apologized to the reality star but challenged her to have a drug test, especially after her beau died from overdose last year.

Wallack cross-examined psychologist Dr. Alan Ravitz, who shared his expert’s thoughts, stating that based on interviews with their daughter, the two have been great parents despite their constant bickering. The assessment results of the eight-year-old show that Frankel and Hoppy’s daughter is doing well, both academically and socially, actively participating in extracurricular activities.

The psychologist further said that a new custody arrangement may negatively impact Bryn, who is improving, and that the co-agreement suits Bryn best. Dr. Ravitz also disclosed that Bryn is happy and likes to spend time with his father.

When asked about his assessment of the “RHONY” star, Dr. Ravitz confirmed that Frankel is psychologically traumatized by Hoppy’s controlling behavior.