Beyoncé banned photography from her Mrs. Carter World Tour after several unflattering photos of the singer's Super Bowl performance surfaced on the web, but that didn’t stop her fans from snapping some photos. Beyoncé spotted the overzealous fan snapping photos of her “Irreplaceable” performance during her Atlanta show and decided to call him out in front of the entire crowd. Beyoncé scolds her fan lightly, saying “Put that damn camera down!”

Beyoncé was sweet to her fan regarding his rule breaking and continued on with her sultry performance. The light-hearted incident happened during a portion of the concert where the singer asks the crowd to sing along with her. One of the fans right next to the stage decided that he could get a better view of Beyoncé through his smartphone screen than by looking up at her from a few feet away. But Beyoncé knew exactly how to handle him, she directs the microphone to him and tells him to “seize this moment” and “put that damn camera down.”

Check out the funny video below: