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Biden's approval rates are at historical lows AFP

Joe Biden's current approval rate is the lowest for any president at this point of his tenure since Gallup started tracking them, the pollster said on Friday.

Concretely, his figures currently stand at 38.7%, below George H.W. Bush, the second-to-last in the ranking, who had a 41.8% approval rate.

The president with the highest approval rate on the 13th quarter of his presidency was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who stood at 73.2% in the first quarter of 1956.

"From a broader historical perspective, Biden's most recent quarterly average ranks 277th out of 314 presidential quarters in Gallup records dating to 1945. That puts it in the bottom 12% of all presidential quarters," the pollster added.

Presidential approval rates
Presidential approval rates on the 13th quarter of their presidencies Gallup

This quarter was also the lowest for Biden in his presidency, following a slight decrease from the previous one, 39%. "After Biden averaged better than 50% approval during his first two quarters in office, his subsequent readings have been near 40%," Gallup showed.

Rejection of the U.S. stance on the Israel-Hamas war among some sectors of society, elevated illegal crossings at the southern border and an uptick in inflation are cited as some of the potential reasons for the continued decline in Biden's approval rate.

"Biden continues to get extraordinarily low approval ratings from Republicans -- just 2% in the latest poll -- but his rating from independents is also weak, at 33%. The vast majority of Democrats, 83%, continue to evaluate Biden's performance positively," Gallup's figures showed.

Another recent poll from Bloomberg/Morning Consult added to the negative news in Biden's electoral front. It showed that a recent bump he had against presumptive GOP candidate Donald Trump has disappeared in key battleground states.

The poll found Biden is currently ahead in just one of the seven states most likely to determine the outcome of his matchup with Trump, leading in Michigan by 2 percentage points. Biden is slightly behind the former president in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with his deficit being larger in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

According to the poll, a majority of swing-state voters see worsening economic conditions in the coming months, with fewer than one in five saying they expect inflation and borrowing costs to be lower by the end of the year. Similarly, despite a resilient job market, only 23% of respondents said the employment rate would improve over the same time period.

For undecided voters, a group crucial to Biden's effort to close the gap with Trump, the share who expect improvement on those economic factors was in the single digits, according to the Bloomberg News poll.

Another survey by the Pew Research Center showed a broad lack of confidence in Biden't physical fitness to do the job if he wins a second term, with almost two thirds rejecting this notion.

Despite everything, the Pew poll found the race to be essentially tied, with "49% of registered voters favoring Trump and 48% leaning toward Biden."

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