As the stars of “The Big Bang Theory” prepare to take their final bow next month, actors Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Mavin Bialik and Melissa Rauch shared some secret, off-screen anecdotes about the sitcom that fans have never heard of before. Here are some of them.

Those Dinner Scenes

Cuoco revealed that all the food that viewers see on set during dinner scenes are props, but they all taste fantastic. In fact, they love it when they have dinner scenes because they get to taste all the food cooked by prop master Scott London. “Chinese food, sandwiches, pizza, pasta — I’ve eaten everything on this show,” Cuoco said.

How They Miss Carol Ann Susi

After playing Mrs. Wolowitz in the series, Susi died in 2014 following a brief battle with cancer. Rauch, who plays Mrs. Wolowitz’s daughter-in-law, shared how she used to drive the actress when they had work together in L.A. and how they would always chat about nice things while in her car. “She was such an amazing lady,” she said.

Sheldon And Amy’s First Kiss

Bialik recalled that when she and Parsons filmed their first kiss in the series, Parsons was sick with flu. In the series, that long-awaited moment happened on Valentine’s Day, four seasons after their first meeting. Parsons shared that when she and Bialik had to kiss that filming day, Bialik kept on gargling Listerine to kill the germs from his mouth.

“Hydrogen peroxide,” Bialik corrected him. “You were sweating. You had a fever. You were very sick,” she added. “I would not have kissed you,” said Parsons.

The Crew’s Attention To Detail

Rauch also revealed how meticulous “The Big Bang Theory’s” crew is when it comes to creating their props. According to her, the precision of the crew with every tiny element on the set speaks a lot about how dedicated they are to the series. She cited the little pamphlets they were holding in an episode where they attended Raj’s planetarium presentation, revealing that those tiny pamphlets were beautiful, detailed programs they printed with Raj’s face on it, his bio and the history of the planets.

“And this is something the audience won’t even see,” she said. “They’ll just see us holding pieces of paper. That speaks to the level of dedication from everyone who works here,” she added.

Meanwhile, Galecki posted on Instagram his tribute to the show’s writers on Wednesday, offering a grim reminder to fans that the show is going to end soon. “The Big Bang Theory” will air its final episode on May 16 on CBS. The Big Bang Theory Amy comforts Sheldon.