The Biggest Loser: Glory Days Ep 1
The Biggest Loser: Glory Days Ep 1 NBC

NBC's "The Biggest Loser: Glory Days" is back in a 16th season and it looks quite promising. The show’s basic premise, for those who are not familiar with it, is to help highly overweight contestants lose as many pounds as they can by eating right and exercising hardcore, with help from professional trainers. That said, this season holds a twist, as it is all about those ‘Glory Days’, meaning the contestants are 20 former athletes, including a tennis legend, a Super Bowl champion, and an Olympic gold medalist. Of course, this will make the show all the more competitive, as former New York Jet, Damien Woody said, “You better believe I'm here to compete. I'm bringing my A-game."

The first episode of the season was not short of surprises, for instance we learned Dolvett Quince returned as a trainer and two new trainers were introduced: Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom. Yes, you read that right, no Bob Harper… just yet. The contestants had their ‘opening day weigh in’ and were split into three different teams after an arduous game of beach volleyball: Dolvett - Red Team, Jen - White Team, Jessie - Blue Team. Here's a full list of the contestants plus their initial weights and more info.

After two weeks of hardcore training, where some of the contestants found it very challenging physically and emotionally to get on the treadmill again. After the weigh in for elimination came the big twist…drumroll…Bob! The two contestants that lost the least weight thought they were going home (as we all did) but instead they get to go to Bob Harper’s house! They call it ‘Comeback Canyon’ and the two contestants get to stay there for two weeks until the next weigh in, where the biggest loser (of the two) gets to stay. The Blue Team voted for Andrea to be eliminated, or in this case to join Vanessa at Comeback Canyon. Stay tuned for next weeks recap!

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