The socialite wife of a billionaire’s son claimed on Sunday that she did not intentionally kill the Belize police officer that was shot dead before she was found with his blood splattered all over her body near the crime scene, as she faces manslaughter charges for his death.

Jasmine Hartin, the 33-year-old daughter-in-law of billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, gave an interview with Piers Morgan in an attempt to explain her side regarding the alleged murder of Belize Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, who was killed in a dock in May 2021, according to the Daily Beast.

“I’m definitely not a murderer. And I am being set up. I am. I really am. It’s such a small country, everybody’s scared of Ashcroft here,” Hartin said. “They own the bank, they own the newspapers, they own the economy of this country.”

Hartin, who is currently in a custody battle with Andrew Ashcroft over their two sons, claimed that the incident was an accident and that she did not have him killed, and that he did not attempt to rape her, the Independent reported.

“I’ve heard I’ve executed him, that it was an attempted rape and I was defending myself. I’ve heard that I lured him there and it was Andrew [Ashcroft, Hartin’s estranged husband] that shot him,” Hartin said. “The truth of the matter is none of that. He was my friend. He did not make a pass at me. I considered Henry like a protector.”

Jemmott’s family has asked for a stronger charge of murder for his killing, with his sister Cheryl accusing Hartin of either hiring a hitman or executing him herself. While Hartin has not denied shooting Jemmott, she has denied doing so consciously.

“Right and I don’t remember ever touching that trigger on the gun so I don’t know what happened, to be honest. I was trying to get the clip out and it just went off — I don’t remember ever touching the trigger. So I’m not sure if it was a faulty weapon or not. I really can’t tell you how it went off,” she said in the interview.

Hartin is facing manslaughter charges for Jemmott’s death. She was able to post bail in June 2021 in spite of a push from prosecutors to keep her in prison.

Socialite Shooting Cop
Jury selection started Monday in the trial of Virgil Brewer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed person with a homemade beanbag round out of his shotgun. Alejo Reinoso/Unsplash.

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