Japanese anime fans have no idea when the final story of “Bleach” will come out, potentially the final story of the Shohen franchise’s manga. However, a recent artwork reveal could be a sign of things to come.

One of the animators of the series came out with new artwork on main protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, showing off his terrifying new Hollow form. Ichigo is continuously getting stronger after getting new levels of power as a Shinigami and also discovering the hidden force from within. These have allowed him to become a Hollow and a first glimpse of what to expect may have been teased.

Masahi Kudo, one of the animators behind bleach shared on his Twitter account a sketch on Ichigo’s most terrifying form yet. It hints that Ichigo will be able to allow the Hollow power flowing in his veins, something that helps him drastically alter his appearance.

The tweet should spur some excitement on “Bleach” although there remains no official word on when the next project will come out. Fans are still reeling from the anime for the spin-off series for “Burn The Witch.”

Bleach is looking forward to a big 2021, ironically celebrating its 20th anniversary. The Ichigo sketch reveal could be part of that although there remains no word on when the next project may come out.

While waiting, the buzz going around is that most are expecting the next project to land with the “Thousand-Year Blood War Arc.” It is believed to be the final arc for the Shohen’ franchise's manga that will conclude the Soul Society story on “Bleach.”

Unfortunately, “Bleach” creator Tite Kubo has not given any hints on when the series would be returning. A sequel is highly awaited, including new stories in the world of Shinigami. The artwork could be a sign of things to come, something Japanese anime fans will have to be content with for now.

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