Senator Menendez Concerned
Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee POOL via AFP / BONNIE CASH/BONNIE CASH

U.S. senator Bob Menendez and his wife Nadine were accused of obstructing an investigation that has now seen them accused of bribery in exchange for the use of political influence, a superseding indictment revealed.

A grand jury indicted Menendez of over ten new charges, according to a CBS News report. The charges don't reveal new potentially criminal conduct, but accuse the defendants of underlying crimes as part of broader conspiracies, the outlet explained. Prosecutors did allege new obstructive acts.

The senator stands accused of working as an unregistered foreign agent of Egypt, as well as on behalf of different businessmen, seeking a range of favors, including seeking more lenient rulings in criminal investigations.

One of those businessmen, Jose Uribe, has put Menendez in even hotter water after entering a plea agreement in the case in early march. Uribe, who faced seven charges, including conspiracy to commit bribery, obstruction of justice and tax evasion, was also accused of giving Nadine Menendez a Mercedez-Benz.

The new charges accuse of Nadine Menendez of meeting with Uribe after federal investigators executed search warrants at the Menendez home. They allegedly discussed payments for the car, which the businessman gave her to "influence" the prosecution of a person close to Uribe, and agreed that he would tell investigators the car payments were loans.

Uribe is one of the three businessmen charged in the corruption case against the senator and his wife, who also stand accused of taking bribes in exchange for performing "a series of acts on behalf of Egypt, including on behalf of Egyptian Military and intelligence officials".

Previous court documents describe several meetings between Nadine Menendez and Egyptian officials, as well as "direct communications" and the passing of "information and requests from them to Menendez."

The indictment alleges that Menendez also received bribes in the form of gold bars, cash and luxury vehicles. In January, he was also accused of introducing a member of the Qatari royal family member and prominent figure in the country's investment fund to Fred Daibes, a New Jersey businessman, before the company invested millions in his real estate project.

Similarly to the accusations regarding his actions as a foreign agent on behalf of Egypt, Menendez accepted cash and gold bars in exchange for introducing the member of the Qatari royal family to Daibes.

In mid February, a set of court papers showed that prosecutors alleged that Nadine Menendez told a "a false cover story" to a jeweler, "claiming that the gold had come from her deceased mother." A staffer for Bob Menendez gave a similar explanation.

However, the FBI has said that at least some of the gold bars were bribe payments to the senator. They were allegedly given by Fred Daibes, a New Jersey developer who wanted Menendez to pressure the state's attorney's office to be lenient in the context of a bank fraud case. Two of the gold bars Menendez had in his house had previously belonged to Daibes.

Menendez, his wife and the two other New Jersey businessmen are scheduled to go on trial in May, as they have pleaded not guilty to the charges. In mid January they asked a judge allow them to face separate trials.

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