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Fans can reasonably expect “Boruto” Chapter 41 to kick the action up a notch in the hit manga series. While Kawaki and Boruto’s team 7 were a bit disadvantaged in their initial clash with the powerful Kara member in the recent installment, spoilers are a bit optimistic in their favor as they’re likely to make their counterattack against Boro.

The recently released “Boruto” Chapter 40 proved that any member of Kara just can’t be underestimated. While Boro is not exactly the organization’s leader, Boruto and Kawaki’s team can’t seem to inflict serious damage to their single opponent even when they had an advantage in numbers.

While Boruto managed to land a Rasengan on Boro, it did not take very long for the latter to recover. While Mitsuki’s snake venom seemed to be effective, Boro’s injury did not last for long since the Kara member possessed amazing regenerative and healing abilities and was able to heal his injuries in just seconds.

Sarada eventually realized that they just can’t recklessly fight Boro head-on and they needed to strategize on how to deal with the pesky Boro while fulfilling their ultimate missions, which is to rescue Naruto. Thus, the team decided to retreat for the moment and regroup.

Of course, they can’t stay hidden from Boro forever; they have to face him to save Naruto. According to “Boruto” Chapter 41 spoilers from Otakukart, fans do not have to wait for long as it’s likely going to happen in the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 40 is very exciting and action-packed but it felt like it’s just a set-up chapter on what’s to come, according to the publication. This means that fans will likely find “Boruto” Chapter 41 to be much better when arrives next month.

The recent chapter is likely setting-up for Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki’s counterattack on Boro. It’s exciting to see what type of strategy the team might come up against Boro, who seemed impervious to their previous attacks.

However, Otakukart is not betting that the four children will be able to thoroughly defeat a seasoned and powerful fighter like Boro. A more likely scenario is that the team might engage Boro long enough for reinforcements to arrive. It’s also possible that they might surprise Boro with a totally unexpected combo attack which would result in the Kara member’s temporary retreat.

“Boruto” Chapter 41 release date is on December 20, 2019. Stay tuned to Latin Times for more updates on this manga series.

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