The ongoing saga of the Brangelina divorce has gone from bad to worse. While we last reported that the two are both ready to battle each other over custody of their six children, the former couple meant every word. It is now being reported that Brad Pitt is accusing Angelina Jolie of hurting the children for her own selfish reasons.

According to TMZ, Brad Pitt is over Angelina Jolie and he is now claiming she's a bad parent for putting their family drama on blast for public consumption. Yup, the gloves have come off!

The site reports that the "Allied" actor  just filed legal docs asking for an order to seal their file. Angelina had previously filed unsealed documents alleging Brad had parenting issues that made it too risky for him to have unmonitored visits with their 6 kids. She also alleged Brad had a lot to hide about his conduct.

However, in Brad's new legal documentation, he believes that Jolie knows way better than the beahvior she is executing. He says that she knows they are famous people and the kids are damaged when she continuously airs their dirty laundry in public. He suggests Angelina going public has humiliated and embarrassed their kids and could even endanger them.

While we can agree that divorce on any level is not good for the kids, having your divorce battle play out in front of the world is not a good look.

Pitt has gone so far as to say that "Angelina apparently has no self-regulating mechanism to preclude sensitive information from being placed in the public record, or she has other motives."

Therefore, he is asking for the judge to grant an emergency order sealing the case but he was shut down, so now he's filed a formal motion to seal the case -something the judge indicated he would grant.

Things just keep on getting worse for the estranged couple. We hope that the children are not being harmed in any way within this situation. Hopefully the estranged couple can come to some type of agreement for the sake of their children.