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Shocking footage has surfaced of the tragic way Brazilian goalkeeper Adriano Ferreira Santos was shot dead on Nov. 24. The CCTV clip showed Santos lying on the ground outside the stadium at a bar in Bequiamo, Maranhao state. The goalie reportedly was involved in a bar brawl that night causing terrified pubgoers to run for their safety.

According to The Sun, the deadly altercation took place at a venue where Santos’ team was having a drink. In the video clip, the goalie could be seen taking a punch from a suspect who took a sip from his beer bottle and proceeded to punch Santos on his head. The football player managed to duck and avoid the hit but the two men continued to grapple. During the scuffle, Santos’ attacker pulled out a handgun that was tucked into the waistband of his pants. Aiming at point-blank range, the suspect fired six shots at Santos.

The footage shows bar customers run for cover as the gunman calmly collects his drink on the table and walks out. Images of the gruesome scene were released showing the goalie left lying in a pool of his own blood on the ground. Police responded to the incident but Santos was later declared dead at the scene. Some reports stated the football player was also stabbed in the stomach during the brawl.

Police from Pinheiro were able to immediately identify the suspect but only referred to the suspect as KCC. They arrested the suspected assailant two days after the incident. The suspect was taken into custody who then later confessed to shooting the midfielder/ goalie. Based on local media reports, the altercation stemmed from a misunderstanding that took place earlier during the football game. Authorities are still trying to determine the real motive behind the shooting as investigations are still underway.

Brazilian football players are no strangers to violence brought on by the sport. Back in July 2013, local league football referee Otavio da Silva was stoned and decapitated by angry fans in the town of Pio XII in northern Brazil after da Silva stabbed local league player Josenir dos Santos to death after a match. Outraged spectators beheaded da Silva and put his head on a stake in the middle of the field. Over 50,000 people were murdered in Brazil back in 2010. Despite the never-ending street violence, it was considered safe enough to be chosen as the venue for the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.

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