‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale Spoilers: 4 Things That Could Happen In The Final Season

What do you think will happen to everyone's favorite drug lord? With "Breaking Bad" coming to an end, we will soon find out. Tumblr.com

The series finale of "Breaking Bad" is quickly approaching. In the eight episodes of part II of season 5, all loose ends will be tied up, Bob Odenkirk, who plays Saul told Vulture that the series finale is shocking yet fulfilling, "I've been told that the ending is really surprising and really satisfying and you can't believe the number of loose ends that get wrapped up. That's all hearsay, though, because I didn't read it. I dumped it in the trash, and then I dumped out the trash."  So with this in mind, following the season 5 mid-season finale, Walter White still had to deal with 22 loose ends that threatened to take down his self-built drug empire, including Jesse, Hank, Skylar, Todd, Badger and even Saul. That is a lot of loose ends to tie up but in "Breaking Bad" I trust. Everyone has contrasting theories on how the show will come to end, because as we know "All Bad things must come to an end," But lets discuss the 4 things that could actually happen.

1. Walt kills Jesse and Hank: In the beginning of season 5, we saw Walt return to the family home. Although, the house is so run down that even the old neighbor is surprised to see Walt. If yu are an avid viewer of "Breaking Bad" then you know that part of the show's composition is fast-forward views that later back track to tell the audience how the character got to that point. A new theory states that for Walt to protect his family, especially not wanting Walt Jr. to discover his drug empire, Walt disposing of the two most vital pieces of the puzzle.  We have seen how easy it is for Walt to kill, he kills a lot swifter and easier than Jesse and possesses no remorse after murdering someone. Jesse and Hank know the most information, so if they were to be silenced indefinitely, would Walter finally feel at peace? Most likely no, because we also must consider that Hank's wife Marie also knows a lot and her sister, but I am still unsure where her allegiance lies. The confrontation could arise if Jesse discovers that Walt left his girlfriend to die alone, choking on her own vomit.

2. Walt gets arrested, bailed out, then flees with his family: The amounting pressure for Walt's arrest pretty much grows every episode, Hank knows about his brother's drug empire but he is weary of turning him. Although, Walt's drug trade is literally everything that Hank stands against, he is a D.E.A officer and he just can't throw his hands up and let Walt continue his criminal activities. Another issue is that Hank doesn't want to turn his brother in, knowing that it will most likely be the end of his career. However, a possible ending is that Walt gets arrested due to an anonymous tip, aka Hank, he then gets bailed out, he certainly has the money and he has Saul. After he gets out of jail, he flees with his family, and goes after his money buried in the desert. Keeping with the flash forward theme of "Breaking Bad," the opening scene of Season 5 could actually end up being the final scene of the series, with Walt returning to where it all began after he has been a fugitive on the run.

3. Walt kills Skyler: I really like this theory because it shows the psychological brilliance that encompasses "Breaking Bad," and I also love theories created by fanatic fans that notice the smallest nuances in shows. Throughout the entire series of "Breaking Bad," while Walt shows no remorse for the people he has killed, he seems to take on a little bit of each one. Walt takes on quirks and habits of those that he has murdered. Lets do a bit of a recap, Crazy 8 always cut the crust of his sandwiches, after Walt killed him, Walt decided he didn't like crusts either. Gus notably drives a Volvo, the in the beginning of Season 5 when Walt kills Gus, Walt shows up at Denny's driving a Volvo. Mike and Walt have drinks in the beginning of the series, Walt orders his drink neat while Mike has his on the rocks. After Mike is killed, and Hank offers Walt a drink in his office - he asks for it on the rocks. The moment that Walt arranges his bacon into his age, I thought that he killed Skyler. In addition, he's using Skyler's maiden name on his fake ID.

4. The show is actually an essay written by Walt Jr. : I know how annoying this ending would be to fans. But hey, anything could happen. What if Walt Jr. wrote the entire show as an essay for class and has been reading it out to his classmates? That would really be the least satisfying ending ever, so I am ruling this one out. Let me know what you think is in store for the final season of "Breaking Bad," comment below! 


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