Britney Spears doesn’t forget her exercise routine even when she is on vacation. The singer shared a few pictures of her doing yoga in a studio wearing a bikini on her Instagram page with her fans, and the photos were from her trip to Maui.

Yoga is Spears’ preferred form of exercise to start the day, apart from dancing. She shared a picture of her doing some stretching in front of the mirror, which she said she found while going through the snaps she took when she went to Maui for vacation.

Spears love for yoga is so much that in the past year she over did the practice of heat yoga. She now prefers cardio and dancing to cool things down a little. The singer wore a black bikini, white bra, and knee length socks while doing her exercises.

There was lots more from the vacation that Spears wanted to shares with her fans, but she lost about 7 hours of footage because her cell phone didn’t have a backup plan.  She was “extremely upset” because apart from losing three videos, she also lost her photos and footage of the hotel.

Despite the problems, Spears focused on the positives and kept moving forward. She described the trip as “magical.” The best part of the vacation was apparently the nights, and the singer really loved the baby twinkle lights the hotel had at the studio that were switched on at night.

Two weeks back, Spears shared a picture of her vacation that shows the landscape around the hotel. She enjoyed the view of the sunset near the ocean, and she wrote in the post that she has never been “so close to the clouds” in her life. She also shared a video in her Instagram post that shows the sunset from the balcony of the hotel room.  

Britney Spears IN PHOTO: Singer Britney Spears arrives for the 2015 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, California. Reuters