Mexico City is home to the world's largest bullring
Mexico City is home to the world's largest bullring, the 50,000-capacity Plaza de Toros. AFP

Bullfighting will make a comeback in Mexico City this month after a legal tussle led to a more than one-year suspension at the world's largest bullring, organizers announced Thursday.

Mexico, and in particular the 50,000-capacity Plaza de Toros in the capital, has long been a bastion of bullfights.

But in June 2022, a judge ordered the indefinite suspension of the centuries-old practice in Mexico City, agreeing with animal rights activists who had filed suit.

Last month the Supreme Court revoked the decision, although according to Mexican media the judges only ruled on technical aspects and have yet to decide on the case's merits.

On January 28, matadors in Mexico City will resume the tradition brought by Spanish conquistadors five centuries ago, Plaza de Toros director Mario Zulaica announced at a news conference.

During the suspension, "thousands of people could not freely exercise their profession, a fundamental right enshrined in our constitution. Thousands of people were unable to enjoy their right to culture," he said.

Following the Supreme Court decision, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador proposed a referendum on the future of bullfighting in Mexico City.

So far, only a handful of Mexico's 32 states have banned the practice, which in 2018 generated an estimated $343 million in revenue and employed around 80,000 people.