Only two episodes into the final season of "Burn Notice" and there is already a lot going on. In last night's 100th episode "Forget Me Not" we see how everyone's favorite spy and his trigger happy girlfriend first met in Ireland back in 2000.

Weston was under cover with the CIA as an Irishman, Michael McBride when he sees Fiona for the first time. During the episode they keep flashing back between present day and the couple's time in Ireland. Time spent strapping bombs to cars, making out and reminiscing over old family stories while putting on a bullet proof vest, ah romance.

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Back in present day Miami Michael Weston and his CIA crew are spying on Sam, Jessie and Fiona as they try to figure out who the identity of the mystery man looking into Michael. The gang figures out his identity and plans a surprise snatch and grab all the while the CIA is watching and Weston's friends have no idea he is there.

Only Weston's mother Maddie knows her son is in Miami and she was told by Michael to keep quiet about it. Maddie was trying to contact the CIA and FBI to find out if the accidental information she gave ended up getting her son killed. Weston tells his mom to stop trying to contact him and just wait for him to come home.

Sam, Jessie and Fi identify the mystery man as Gamble and he had a surprise in store for Fiona when he kidnaps her and takes her to a warehouse in an attempt to get her to put him in contact with Weston. Fiona, tied to a chair, tells Gamble she has not seen or heard from Michael in 9-months. Unsatisfied with that answer Gamble slaps Fiona across the face.

Feeling guilty about Fiona, Michael breaks the rules and tells Sami, Jessie and Fiona's new man Carlos he is in town and that he has a plan to get Fiona back. At least he tells them all of this after the brawl with Fiona's boyfriend Carlos.

Michael shows up to the warehouse unarmed and ready to give Gamble whatever he wants in exchange for Fiona. Refusing to allow Michael to speak with Fiona, Weston bluffs telling Gamble no deal and begins to walk away. A nervous Gamble allows Weston to talk with Fiona via speaker phone.

In an Irish accent, reminiscent of the one he used while undercover in Ireland Michael tells Fiona,

"It's time to be brave my little angle."

When they were in Ireland Fiona told Michael that is what her father used to say to her as a child. It was code for get down and cover your head until it's over. Realizing what is about to happen Fiona knocks her chair to the ground and Michael hits the deck as machine guns tear through the warehouse killing Gamble.

As Fiona exits the building she does not look at Weston and runs straight into the arms of Carlos as Michael looks on with a wounded heart. A few minutes later Fiona and Michael talk and she admits surprise that he remember her father's story.

Weston tells Fi he could never forget it. Just as Michael was about to say something to Fiona she rushes toward him and kisses him on the cheek and in a whisper tells him to take care of himself.

Suddenly there is a flashback to Ireland to the first moment when Weston sees Fiona, Michael asks the bartender who that girl is and the bartender tells Weston she is taken.

"AH, you see that," Weston asks the Bartender pointing out a kiss on the cheek Fiona gave to the man she was with. "That's the kiss you give when it's over."

Weston looks heartbroken as Fiona walks away. Now he must return to the Dominican Republic and finish the job he started.

What is in store for Fiona and Michael during the final season of "Burn Notice"? Will they find their way back to each other or is the epic love story of Michael Weston and Fiona Glenann over for good?


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