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Well "Burn Notice" is certainly heating up this season and in last night's episode "Brothers in Arms" we saw a different side of the wanted terrorist Burke, you know the cold hearted killer that Michael Westen was sent to stop.

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For a while Burke lives up to his reputation. He sends Michael on a mission to help get Serano to crack. In case you missed last week's "Burn Notice" Serano is a bad guy that the bad guy's Burke works for want. So last week Burke tricked Michael, Sam, and Jesse into stealing a truck with a cargo of satellite uplinks.

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After the heist Serano shows up ready to purchase the truck's cargo when Burke kills Serano's body guards and takes him hostage.

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Now this week we see Burke interrogating Serano, who refuses to say anything. So Burke shows Serano a surveillance image of a commando dressed Michael Westen standing over Serano's young daughter holding a gun.

Serano is torn between his fear of the Russians he is working for and the love of his daughter. Finally Serano tells Burke exactly what he wanted to know, which was the whereabouts of Sonya a female operative whom Burke describes as the key to everything.

Burke is willing to risk everything in order to get Sonya back from the Russians holding her prisoner. We don't know why Sonya is a prisoner or why she is so important. Looking at Burke and seeing how determined and almost obsessed he was at getting her back gives the audience an idea that the relationship between Burke and Sonya maybe more than professional.

Do Sonya and Burke have a Michael and Fiona thing happening?

In order to get Sonya back from the Russians Westen and Burke enlist the help of Sam and Jesse who they meet up with in Cuba and attempt a rescue. If you've been a fan of "Burn Notice" since the beginning you'll remember that the Russians don't exactly get the warm fuzzies when it comes to Michael Westen.

Unsure of what to do Michael comes up with a plan to try and get the Russians holding Sonya to believe he turned on the CIA. Like most of his plans Sam is not crazy about Mike's idea because it could very easily get the burned spy killed. Out of options and desperate to get Sonya back Burke agrees.

Westen walks right up to the front door of the Russian hide out, knocks and tells them who he is. Click, click, click that was the sound of about five or six Russian guns getting ready to shot the infamous American spy as the door to the Russian hideaway opened up.

Being too clever for his own good and having the ability to sell hair cream to a bald man Michael Weston convinces the Russians they have a turncoat at the consulate in Miami who gave him info about where to find the Russians.

Westen also convinces the Russians, (after being water boarded of course) that the CIA has a team on its way to take them all down. He was trying to convince the Russian team they have traitors in their midst and they need to escape, giving Burke, Sam and Jesse the chance to grab both Westen and Sonya.

This episode kept you on the edge of your seat. During most of Michael Weston's cockamamie plans one thing usually goes wrong and his team of wise cracking, mojito drinking misfits are able to work it out and save the day.

Not so much in this episode. Burke, Sam and Jesse realize that everything is going badly and the Russians are not going to leave, instead they called for backup. Running out of options Burke goes on a suicide mission blowing up part of the holding cell and himself along with it so Mike can grab Sonya and escape.

Sam, Jesse, Mike and a drugged up Sonya head down to the marina in order to get on a boat and head back to Miami. Jesse waits with Sonya while Sam and Mike make sure the cost is clear.

When Mike and Sam get back to Jesse they find him knocked out and Sonya has escaped. Who is this woman? What does she have to do with Burke? Why did the Russians have her? All these questions will be answered as the final season of "Burn Notice" continues.

Now in order to pull of his plan and get the Russians to believe there was a traitor in Miami, Mike calls the one person he can always count on, Fiona. Never being able to say no to him Fiona reluctantly agrees to help after Westen apologizes for breaking his promise. Mike told Fiona last season his spy days were over and that he and Fi could start a new life, but that didn't exactly happen.

"Burn Notice" can't end without Fiona and Michael getting back together. While the show is all about how the life of a spy is anything but glamorous and mostly without happy endings the rocky relationship that is "Miona" (did that name combo thing work right there?) is a fan favorite. And this fan is hoping that Fiona will come to Mike's rescue once again and they will finally get their happy ending before the series is over.