Well we know who Sonya is now. On last night's "Burn Notice" Mike, Sam and Jesse go searching for Sonya in the Cuban wilderness. The team is good but Sonya may be better. She leaves clues for the guys to follow only to surprise Michael with a gun to his head when Sam and Jesse split off.

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Mike tells Sonya he was a friend of Burke, the now dead terrorist Westen was sent to stop. After a little convincing and smooth talking on Mike's part Sonya agrees to go along with Mike, Sam and Jesse. The only problem is the entire Cuban police force and a team of Russian operatives led by a ruthless Colonel named Oksana are after Sonya.

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Oksana is hunting for Sonya. We find out she was held captive at a Russian black site and tortured for two straight weeks. Having no desire to go back to that she and Mike come together in order to get out of Cuba and back to Miami.

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Sonya tells Westen she would not survive another round of torture without breaking and has no desire to betray her friends. When Westen hears that, he gets this look on his face as if he wants to tell her he understands.

In case you forgot Westen is being bullied by the CIA into taking down the terrorist cell Burke was working for. If he fails Fiona, Sam, Jesse and his mom will all be sent back to the CIA prison for the rest of their lives.

Getting out of Cuba is harder than it sounds, Oksana has the docks and airports covered and seemed at the start of the episode to be smarter than Michael Westen (is that even possible?) Oksana tracks Sonya and Michael down twice and the pair just narrowly escape.

In true "Burn Notice" fashion Jesse and Sam come up with a crazy idea to walk write up to Oksana and lie to her face. Sonya is adamant that this plan will get them killed, but the team is out of options.

Sam and Jesse pretend they are from the US government on the hunt for Michael Westen. Oksana is at first reluctant to accept their help. Just as she is about to have them locked up, Jesse gets a call. It is Oksana pretending to be a source.

She tells Jesse to give up her and Michael's location to establish credibility with Oksana. An explosion or two later Sonya and Mike are able to escape Oksana's men.

Sam and Jesse begin to try and get Oksana to call off a few of her men from the airport so Mike and Sonya can steal a plane. Oksana is not trusting and is reluctant to remove any of her men who are guarding the airport.

Meanwhile back in Miami, Fiona and Carlos are getting ready to go on a job in New Orleans when the CIA pays her a visit. Michael's CIA contact tells Fiona she can't leave Miami because the terrorists Mike has been working with believe her to be an important part of Westen's team.

Fiona tells the CIA her helping Michael was a onetime thing and she wants nothing to do with him or the CIA anymore. When Mike's contact tells her about the deal Westen made to keep her out of prison Fiona is shocked but still refuses.

In order to show her how the CIA can mess with her life they have her arrested and thrown in jail. Following this Fiona reluctantly agrees to stay in Miami and help Michael and the CIA.

This does not sit well with Fiona's new boyfriend Carlos who is angry with her, but ends up telling Fi he understands.

Now two possibilities with Carlos' character are that he is actually a nice guy and deeply cares for Fiona despite the fact she can't break her connection with Michael. The other possibility is that Carlos is working for someone and is getting close to Fiona in order to hurt Michael. If the later possibility is true that would pave the way for a Mikey and Fi reunion.

Back in Cuba Mike and Sonya are in a plane hangar trying to put a broken down plane together so they can fly back to Miami. Sam and Jesse have tricked Oksana into believing Sonya and Mike have launched an attack on the police station Oksana is working out of.

Jesse plants a bomb in his car making Oksana believe he is dead. Then he takes position in the woods and shoots out guards and windows. Jesse takes a police radio, Westen has a radio from a guard he knocked out and Mike and Jesse make it look like Sonya and Westen are outside the station.

Oksana calls back the airport guards and Michael begins to make demands saying he wants a million dollars, to stall for time. He then demands "the guy with the chin" be sent out so Mike can kill him. This was just a way to get Sam away from Oksana so he and Jesse can get to the plane.

Mike, Sonya, Jesse and Sam all get on the plane and head for Miami. When they land Sonya takes a phone call while Sam and Jesse reiterate their distrust of her to Michael.

Now that Michael is back in Miami what does the future have in store for him and Fiona. Despite their current situation you have to agree that the pair has a bond. In the previews for next week's episode it looks as though Michael Westen may be losing it all. Will Fiona be there to pick up the pieces? Stick with Latin Times for all your "Burn Notice" news!