‘Burn Notice’ Season 7 Episode 8 Spoilers: What Did We Really Know About James’ True Intentions In ‘Nature Of The Beast’? [VIDEO]

Burn Notice
Sam and Mike come up with a plan to fool some angry guards. Do you think it worked? Facebook.com

In last night's "Burn Notice," we caught of glimpse of the real James and the kind of monster Michael Westen has gotten himself involved with. James has a job for Michael in the Dominican Republic and tells Mike he can bring along one member of his own team.

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Of course Michael takes his trusty, long-chinned sidekick Sam Axe. The pair head down to the DR where they have to extract a drug smuggler and murderer about to get a cushy retirement courtesy of the British Government. It was time for a little Chuck Finley action, Sam presented the warlord with a much better offer than the British had. At first their target was reluctant to take Mr. Finley up on his offer but one or two attempts on his life changed the man's mind.

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Sam and Michael meet the warlord in a garage and try to get him away from all the security he has surrounded himself with. When that plan failed Michael drives his car into the security team's vehicle and basically he and Sam kidnap the guy.

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After a clever rouse gets them passed a road block Michael and Sam hand over the target to James, who puts him in a cage in a boat and drives off. During their mission Sam was worried that Michael was enjoying the assignment James sent them on too much. Westen assured his buddy that taking James down is his number one priority but also said he won't lose sleep over handing a drug lord to James.

Meanwhile Jesse and Fiona are working with Strong, Mike's CIA handler to try and find out all they can about James. Their search leads them to a hospital and a mental patient named Peter. Jesse and Fi are trying to figure out why James would be footing the bill for Peter's hospital stay. As it turns out James put Peter there to keep him out of the way of his cause.

Fiona, Jesse and the CIA have the hospital covered from door to door because Peter escaped and tries to find a way out. Jesse ends up in the morgue with Peter and a homemade bomb strapped to his chest. Peter is unstable and doesn't believe Jesse when he tells him that James did not send him to kill Peter. After Fiona and the CIA breech the door Jesse tells everyone Peter is on their side and wants to destroy James and his organization as much as they do.

Michael and Sam return from the DR and Michael has a chat with Peter, who agreed to help the CIA. We learn James and Peter were on the same Delta Force team 15 years ago. The team was sent on a mission to wipe out a drug cartel and its leader. When the team arrives at their targeted destination they learn the supposed drug community is just a civilian town with a few punk kids running drugs.

The Delta Team was ordered to kill everyone in the village anyway and despite feeling it was wrong no one on the team would go against a direct order. Peter couldn't do it and asked James to try and convince their team to disobey the command.

James takes a different approach, slitting the throats of his team members and placing Peter in a mental hospital. While on the mission in the DR Michael started to think James might be one of the good guys but that thought is removed when Michael hears Peter's story.

The episode ends there, with only five more left until the series finally. There are still so many unanswered questions. What path will Westen take? Will he and Fiona reunite? What will happen to Sam, Jesse and Maddie? Will Mike join up with James permanently or take him down? Let's just hope the creators of "Burn Notice" don't pull a "Sopranos" and just fade to black at the end of the series with no resolution whatsoever.

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