‘Burn Notice’ Season 7 Episode 9 Spoilers: One Member Of Westen’s Team Gets Left Behind; Did Michael Lose Another Loved One? [VIDEO]

Burn Notice
Jesse and Fiona stakeout the club where the drug dealer that poisoned Hamed is doing business. Facebook/Burn Notice

There are only four episodes left until the series finale of "Burn Notice." Michael Westen (Jeffery Donovan) is getting in deep with James (John Pyper-Ferguson) and his organization. Sam (Bruce Campbell), Jesse (Coby Bell) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) are pulled into a job helping Westen protect a peace maker from the Middle East.

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James tells the crew that someone is planning to assassinate a man named Hamed. The man is a loud voice in keeping peace in the Middle East. James informs the team if Hamed were to die, a war would break out.

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After pulling Michael, Sam, Fiona and Jesse away from their homes without cellphones or guns they are introduced to the man James put in charge of the op. Snyder is one of James' top agents, but this mission would be his first in the field. Everyone takes notice of how nervous Snyder is and they realize this will not be an easy task.

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Sam and Michael are put in place as Hamed's body guards. Hamed has no idea someone is trying to kill him and thinks Mike and Sam are there as part of his regular guard staff. With Jesse and Fiona guarding the perimeter and Sam and Mike inside on top of Hamed, the team figures there is no way an assassin could slip by. But, they were wrong.

One of the waiters was forced by a Libyan terrorist group to slip a specially made poison into Hamed's food at the reception he was attending. Sam and Mike notice the waiter but do not realize he already poisoned Hamed. Sam takes Hamed someplace safe while the rest of the team chases after the waiter.

"They made me do it," is all the waiter can get out before a van driven by the Libyans guns him down in "Back to the Future" style. Sam realizes he was poisoned and the team gets Hamed to a make-shift medical center at James' warehouse.

Fiona and Jesse where the only two people the Libyans did not notice when they killed the waiter. James sends them undercover to get the antidote from the man who concocted the poison. After attempting to work a cover as drug dealers Fiona and Jesse resort to throwing the guy with the antidote out of a window. Well, when you have a bunch of angry armed guards beating down a door to get at you, sometimes jumping out a window is your only option. By the way it was Fiona's idea (no surprise there), in case you were wondering.

After Jesse, Fiona and the drug guy jump out the window into the bay they force him to take them to the antidote. Well force is a nice way of putting it. After becoming fed up with the chemists refusal to help, Snyder poisons the drug dealer with the same chemical he used on Hamed. Not wanting to die, the dealer takes the team to the factory where the antidote is kept.

But things can never go smoothly for the "Burn Notice" team. Jesse, Fiona and Snyder get the antidote and are pinned down by guards. Fiona tells Jesse to get the antidote to Sam and Mike who are waiting nearby with a dying Hamed. Fiona and Snyder cover Jesse as he makes his escape. Fi tells Jesse not to worry and that she'll be right behind him.

Jesse gets to Westen and the antidote gets to Hamed. But Snyder and Fiona are still stuck inside. Fiona gets trapped when a fire breaks out caused by leaking gas and an electrical socket. Fi can't jump the flames because they are too high. She calls out to Snyder for help, but he leaves her behind.

When Snyder makes it back to the rest of the team he tells Mike, Fiona is dead. Westen refuses to believe him and runs back into the fire where he sees Fiona passed out on the floor. Mythbusters should really do a special on what happens next.

Mike grabs a fire extinguisher, but it is too hot to handle. He tosses the extinguisher into the fire, shoots it and it explodes, putting out the flames surrounding Fiona. Mike takes Fi back to the medical area and they share an intimate moment together. Fi looks at Mike and says "You came back for me." Mike replies "You would have done the same." Then the two of them stare quietly at each other for a few moments.

Okay, with only four episodes left they really need to get a move on with a Michael and Fiona romantic reunion.

James returns to his facility and offers Fiona anything she may need to get well. Isn't that nice of the wanted terrorist? That's where the nice streak ends. James puts a bullet in Snyder's chest for leaving Fiona.

Mike tries to stop him but James asks Westen to tell him he is wrong for shooting Snyder. Westen doesn't and the episode ends with Sam and Jesse looking away as James pulls the trigger. Is Michael Westen starting to agree with some of James' philosophies?

If you were wondering where Mike's mom Maddie was during all this she was busy trying to flush out the people tailing her. At the start of the episode, Fiona is with Maddie and Charlie when James' men pull her away. Maddie is not happy about Michael's business interfering with her life with Charlie.

James pays Maddie a visit and tells her he is protecting her. James tells Maddie Michael is very important to what they are doing and he wants to keep the people close to Westen safe. Maddie agrees to let James keep protecting her but also says if she ever sees him again she will shoot him.

Only four episodes left? It doesn't seem like enough. Next week Michael is assigned to kill someone he calls a friend, but we have no idea who that friend may be. Will he do it?

What do you think?

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