The USA network aired what would be the final season premiere of its hit show "Burn Notice." The episode opened up with main character Michael Weston played by Jeffrey Donovan, in the Dominican Republic. Weston was in a bar fighting for money as a cover in order to get close to a target.

Season 6 ended last year with Michael Weston and his crew of lovable misfits getting into some hot water with the CIA. Weston makes a deal with the agency for his friend's freedom, but they are less than appreciative when Weston tells them what happened.

Michael Weston's fiery lover interest, ex IRA member Fiona Glenanne, was devastated when she learned Weston was back working with the CIA. Fiona believed she and Michael would be able to start a new life together and leave the spy life behind.

In last night's season seven premier we learn that Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell), Jesse (Coby Bell) and Madeline (Sharon Glass) have not had any contact with Michael since they last saw him at the CIA compound nine months prior.

While Michael Weston is in the Dominican Republic posing as a drunken spy burned by the agency, his friends were in Miami dealing with a new threat.

While Sam is living the good life with his wealthy girlfriend Elsa, a man shows up to question Sam about Michael Weston. The man (played by Spartacus star Nick E. Tarabay) poses as a French investigator warning Sam a friend is in danger.

Not one to be fooled, Sam tests out the man by asking him if he spoke with another French operative who's name Sam just made up. When the fake French spy realizes what Sam did he threatened Sam with a knife and escaped.

After learning Jessie was also questioned about Weston's whereabouts Sam, Fiona and Jesse decide to look into the man, who is good at making fake ID's and got Weston's mom to give away too much information.

Meanwhile back in the Dominican Republic Weston has just helped his terrorist blow up a security building. While working with one of the terrorist's henchmen Weston's cover is blown. It seems like the man questioning Weston's friends is the one who let the henchman know Weston is really CIA. Michael is forced to kill the man he is working with so his real agenda is not discovered.

The episode ends with Weston talking to his CIA contact about what their target may or may not know. The decision is made to return to Miami in order to find out who this mystery man looking into Michael is.

The catch is that Weston is not allowed to see his mother or friends while he is in Miami. Considering how Weston left things with Fiona working undercover with a terrorist might be safer than facing his ex, who by the way, has a new man in her life.

In season seven we are seeing a darker Michael Weston. He seems to really be embracing his cover of alcoholic, down and out spy.

"Burn Notice" has a reputation for surprise twists and turns. The finale season should bring plenty of "Burn Notice" flare fans are used to with a few surprises thrown in.

"Burn notice" airs Thursday nights on the USA network.