‘Burn Notice’ Series Finale Spoilers: How Did It All End And Which Characters Survived The Explosive Finale? [VIDEO]

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Well "Burn Notice" fans the end has come and it was an exciting ride these last seven years. The series finale of "Burn notice" aired tonight and it was as explosive and action packed as episode one. There were moments we did not know what would happen, moments we smiled and moments we cried. Tonight's episode captured all of that in an hour of truly memorable television. The episode began with Michael Westen (Jeffry Donovan), Sonya (Alona Tal) and Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar) at a stand off on the roof of a communications building.

Fiona had gone to stop Michael from joining up with James (John Pyper-Ferguson) and his organization for good. Westen's plan was to hand James over to the CIA and take over the organization with Sonya at his side. Fiona shows up to stop Michael and Sonya attempts to kill Fi. Westen shots Sonya in the back and he and Fiona make their escape alongside Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse (Coby Bell). Westen is still feeling tortured by the decisions he has made but decides the right thing is to rejoin his friends and take down James.

The CIA is hunting Michael and his friends because of what happened with Sonya on the roof. They work up a plan that leads them to a communications expert with details on the location of data the team can use as leverage against James and to get them back into the good graces of the CIA. As the plan is coming together Michael asks Jesse to do something important for him. Westen asks Jesse to watch over his mother Maddie (Sharon Gless) and his nephew 3-year-old Charlie. Jesse is not happy about being taken out of the game but loves Maddie and Charlie enough to protect them from any harm.

Jesse and Maddie have a heart to heart while they are waiting for the right moment to escape. But there is a problem. James has tracked the locations of Michael, Fiona, Sam, Jesse and Maddie using prepaid cells phone the team stole at an earlier part of the episode. James shows up to the old Miami Herald building where Fiona, Michael and Sam are gathering the data. James used the building after it was abandoned because of its' communication capabilities.

Earlier in the episode when Michael rejoins his friends Fiona tells him to go see his mother. Maddie begs Michael to come home saying she cannot lose another son. Michael tells her he cannot promise anything and that sometimes a sacrifice has to be made. While James and his men have Michael, Fiona and Sam surrounded James tells Westen that he has men outside the safe house where Maddie and Charlie are hiding.

Maddie and Jesse realize what is going on when they see a hummer show up and Maddie taking her son's words to heart comes up with a plan. Westen tells James he will give up if he could just have some time to call his mom. On the phone with Michael, Maddie tells him how much she loves him and how proud she is of the man he has become. Maddie tells Michael that she has come up with a way Jesse can escape with Charlie.

The plan is to wait until James' men rush the house and then blow it. There is no remote detonator and Maddie volunteers to push the button taking out all but two of James' men, giving Jesse the chance to escape with Charlie. Jesse is not happy with this plan but realizes it is the only way. With a tearful hug he says goodbye to Maddie. Michael, on the phone with his mother begs her not to go through with her plan. Maddie says she has failed her boys enough and this is what she has to do.

A tearful Michael Westen tells his mother he loves her and hangs up the phone. When James gives the order for the men to kill Maddie and Charlie they rush the house. Maddie is sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette. Her final words before blowing the bomb are "This is for my boys." The front of the house explodes killing Maddie and the men from James' organization. A bullet or two later and Jesse escapes with Charlie.

Fiona and Michael are pinned down under heavy fire in a confrontation with James. Sam has escaped in order to get the data to the CIA. Westen and Fiona team up ready to go out in a blaze of glory. "Should we shoot them?" Fiona asks. With all of James' men down Michael shoots the terrorist twice in the stomach. James refuses to be taken alive and sets off a series of explosions killing himself and presumably Fiona and Michael.

Sam and Jesse are taken to a detention center where Mike's CIA contact tells the pair most of the people in the agency wanted them to stay in a hole the rest of their lives. "You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls," Sam says. The CIA let Sam and Jesse go calling them the heroes of the operation. The next scene takes place at the burials of Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne. After the crowds disperse Sam and Jesse are left string at the coffins thought to hold their dead friends.

"Mike missed a hell of a funeral," Sam tells Jesse. The pair survived the explosion, took Charlie and left the United States. In the finale scene we see Fiona and Michael sitting by the fair in a rustic looking cabin set in a snowy background. Charlie is asleep in Westen's lap and he asks Fiona what he will tell the boy when he gets older. Fiona says to tell him the truth and start by saying, "My name is Michael Westen I used to be a spy." The last image is of Fiona and Michael sharing a kiss.

Sam and Jesse go off on a job helping a new client. A friend of Sam's girlfriend is in need of help. The ending is left wide open for the rumored Sam and Jesse spinoff. What did you think of the series finale "Burn Notice" fans? Was it everything you expected?

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