Silvia Navarro and Gabriel Soto are back on Univision with "Caer En Tentación," the new steamy telenovela by Televisa from the producers of "Yo No Creo En Los Hombres" and "La Candidata." The soap has already been creating buzz on social media due to its higly-sexual scenes. The Spanish-language network is set to premiere de series on Monday, October 16 at 10pm/9c. Read the character descriptions below and tell us what you think!

Silvia Navarro is Raquel: She is a transparent and authentic woman. She is honest, friendly, and extremely affectionate. She turns unconditionally supportive with Santiago Alvarado and his family when she meets them. Raquel genuinely cares for Carolina. Somehow, she compensates the empty space Raquel’s little sister Cinthia left, who is secretly locked up at a rehab clinic as she has fallen prey to drugs. Her husband’s affair with Carolina annihilates the ‘perfect world’ Raquel had built around her marriage and family, and puts her on the verge of depression blaming herself for not delivering properly as a wife, as a lover, and as a life mate. Only her children’s love and Santiago’s support will keep her afloat to deal with that hard blow that has almost destroyed her.

Gabriel Soto is Damian: He is an only child and the main heir of a pasta factory that has branched out all around the country and abroad. He became a parent of two all at once due to Mía and Federico’s births, his twin children. Over time, Damián started feeling bored with the routine and stability he had achieved. He never stopped loving his wife Raquel, but the craving for adventure and adrenaline raised other interests in him. He finds a new adventure in the Alvarados. From the very first moment, he becomes fascinated with Carolina and what he assumed would be just a momentary affair, becomes a vital and confusing matter for him. Despite he loves his family, he betrays his own principles and his wife’s as well, who was strongly convinced that she had the perfect husband until the very day of his accident.

Adriana Louvier is Carolina: A devoted housewife resigned to perform this role flawlessly. She is a woman of deep feelings, her destiny as a wife and mother came early in her life taking any personal aspiration away from her. Her first daughter came without being planned, and so did her second child. Carolina left her passion for gastronomy behind in order to dedicate herself to attend her house, her husband, and her children. Although she loves Santiago, she stays next to him only because she feels somehow committed to him for having rescued her from living next to her brother, who is part of her sad and obscure past. Meeting Damián is the best thing that has ever happened to her, but her attraction for him takes her to embark on an adventure that, although it brings her some unknown pleasures, it also keeps her on the edge of distress at the risk of getting caught. Carolina falls deeply in love with Damián and is ready to do anything for him. Only fate will get to stop her, but it will be fatally.

Carlos Ferro is Santiago: Santiago is a hardworking, responsible man. He is sensitive but has difficulties to communicate his feelings. Tenderness always won over his sexuality and eroticism. Santiago is a chauvinist and doesn’t allow Carolina to work as he’d rather sees her staying home looking after their children. His world turns upside down when he meets the Beckers, and not just financially; it also makes him deal with Carolina’s partnering with Raquel in her catering business. Discovering his wife’s betrayal will make him react to what his life has been, he will acknowledge that his obsession for work has taken important moments away from him, which he won’t be able to recover. Santiago is determined to be the best parent there might be for his children in an attempt to mitigate their suffering for losing their mother. In this path, he discovers the honest and loyal love of Raquel who drags him out of a sad life and helps him clean his heart from resentment.

Julieta Egurrola is Miriam: Miriam is the mother of Damián Becker, her only son. She hung onto Damián in a sick way and can’t get used to the idea of losing him over her daughter in-law, Raquel. She considers her an opportunist who is after the family’s fortune. Elías Becker, her deceased husband, founded the pasta factory and left it in bankruptcy when he died. Today, her son Damián has turned it into a thriving company where Andrés, Damián’s cousin and Miriam’s main ally, works. Andrés gives Miriam all the attention her own son can’t.

Arath de la Torre is Andrés: Damián’s cousin and minority partner. He is Miriam’s trustworthy man. Andrés is the first one to notice Carolina and Damián’s affair. He is an ambitious man and uses his cousin’s company to do some murky businesses. He envies Damián as he considers he took away everything that belongs to him, the life and convenience he has always wanted, and even the woman he has secretly loved since long ago, Raquel.

Ela Velden is Mía: Federico’s ‘older’ twin sister. She is an introverted and suspicious young woman. She joins a new school looking to expand her social circle and become more independent; nevertheless, it turns the other way around. Her classmates mistreat her and she is prey of strong bullying. Mía can’t communicate her pain and fears, so she manifests it by cutting her body. She falls in love with Nicolás, but the circumstances lead them to have a conflictive relationship. Mía loves her father who has always been her ally. Discovering his betrayal makes her relapse and return to her self-destructive phase.