Silvia Navarro and Adriana Louvier are both the stars of "Caer En Tentación", the racy telenovela that airs on Univision weeknights at 10pm/9c. This makes it for an atypical situation as it's more of an ensemble and not the ordinary Televisa production where there's one main star. Since the beginning there have been rumors that Navarro and Louvier can't stand each other and there has been drama on the set of the Giselle González-produced project. This past week, Martha Figueroa said on her show "Hacen y Deshacen" that Navarro had asked production to cut scenes featuring Louvier, which seems to be another unfounded rumor.

Following that statement, Navarro took to Twitter to express her admiration for her co-star. "Looking at you work and create Adriana Louvier is a pleasure," she wrote on the social network. "I feel fortunate to see it from the front row and confirm the great actress that you are. Better yet, how fun it is to laugh and enjoy with you inside and outside of reality. I love you my dear. Thank you for all the laughs."

Adriana quoted Silvia's tweet and added: "I am the fortunate one, not only for your great talent, but also because of your love, your attention and generosity, because I owe you whole months of making me smile and laugh so much that we can't anymore. Love seeing the passion and dedication you have for this career. I love you."

As you see, there's no beef between both actresses and there's only love and admiration between both of them.

Silvia Navarro plays Raquel in "Caer En Tentación." She is a transparent and authentic woman. She is honest, friendly, and extremely affectionate. She turns unconditionally supportive with Santiago Alvarado and his family when she meets them. Raquel genuinely cares for Carolina. Somehow, she compensates the empty space Raquel’s little sister Cinthia left, who is secretly locked up at a rehab clinic as she has fallen prey to drugs. Her husband’s affair with Carolina annihilates the ‘perfect world’ Raquel had built around her marriage and family, and puts her on the verge of depression blaming herself for not delivering properly as a wife, as a lover, and as a life mate. Only her children’s love and Santiago’s support will keep her afloat to deal with that hard blow that has almost destroyed her.

Adriana Louvier plays Carolina in the Univision telenovela. Carolina is a devoted housewife resigned to perform this role flawlessly. She is a woman of deep feelings, her destiny as a wife and mother came early in her life taking any personal aspiration away from her. Her first daughter came without being planned, and so did her second child. Carolina left her passion for gastronomy behind in order to dedicate herself to attend her house, her husband, and her children. Although she loves Santiago, she stays next to him only because she feels somehow committed to him for having rescued her from living next to her brother, who is part of her sad and obscure past. Meeting Damián is the best thing that has ever happened to her, but her attraction for him takes her to embark on an adventure that, although it brings her some unknown pleasures, it also keeps her on the edge of distress at the risk of getting caught. Carolina falls deeply in love with Damián and is ready to do anything for him. Only fate will get to stop her, but it will be fatally.