Jose Alba is being charged with second-degree murder for killing an ex-convict identified as Austin Simon on July 1.

At the time, Simon allegedly came from behind the counter of the Blue Moon convenience store located at West 139th Street to attack Alba.

Alba ended up stabbing Simon multiple times, eventually killing the 35-year-old man. However, the hard-working immigrant claims that it was a result of self-defense.

In video footage secured by the Post, a better view of what had happened on July 1 could be seen. It showed the bloody exchange between Alba and Simon while also showing the unnamed girlfriend of the ex-convict.

The 61-year-old could be seen battling back against Simon. It was also shown how the woman appeared to have pulled out a knife from her purse and stabbed the worker.

The footage also shows how Simon goes behind the counter to confront Alba. A scuffle ensued with Alba pulling a knife from a candy shelf.

According to police sources, Alba was stabbed during the assault but the unnamed woman denied that she was the one who stabbed the worker.

This goes against the claim of the lawyer of Alba who said during his arraignment last week that Simon’s girlfriend stabbed the worker three times in the shoulder and hand.

As a result, Alba was initially held on a $250,000 bail before this was negotiated down to a $5,000 bond last week.

However, a group called the United Bodegas of America is calling on the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, to drop the charges.

"Our city is in crisis, and at this point, we are just fed up with people robbing, looting, attacking, assaulting, killing our small business owners," Fernando Mateo, with United Bodegas of America, said.

The group plans to meet with Bragg on Tuesday, July 12.

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