Canada Mass Stabbing Suspect Myles Sanderson Dies After Arrest: RCMP JacquesTiberi/ Pixabay

The second suspect in the brutal mass stabbing in western Canada, which killed 10 and injured 18, reportedly died while being captured by police. Media reports state that Myles Sanderson, 32, died on Wednesday as a result of self-inflicted wounds when police attempted to pull over his stolen vehicle on a highway in Saskatchewan. According to reports, the officers on the scene declined questions regarding the suspect's cause of death but gave a sigh of relief now that the last suspect of one of Canada’s most brutal crime incidents is no longer at large.

According to The Guardian, Sanderson went into “medical distress” soon after he was arrested and was taken to a hospital where he eventually died.

Police Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, commander of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Saskatchewan, said a call was made reporting that a vehicle was stolen by a man armed with a knife. Police responded to the call and chased the vehicle along a Saskatchewan highway, forcing it off the road. The man was cuffed and was identified as Sanderson. Blackmore said that CPR was administered to Sanderson before ambulances arrived who then took him to a nearby hospital.

Upon arrival, Sanderson was pronounced dead. Blackmore didn’t share the cause of the suspect's death, saying more details would be released after the autopsy. An official who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Sanderson had died of self-inflicted injuries. No further details were given.

Videos and photos of the scene, provided by the AP News show a white SUV off the road with its airbags blown, surrounded by police vehicles. Additional footage just outside the scene shows Sanderson being frisked by police. Before the stabbing incidents with his brother, Myles Sanderson was an ex-convict with 59 convictions coupled with a long history of violence.

He served a sentence four-year sentence on charges of assault and robbery before being released via a parole board back in February. He later found himself back on the wanted list again in May, after violating the terms of his parole.

Sanderson’s brother and accomplice, Damien Sanderson was also found dead on Monday near the site of the stabbings in James Smith Cree First Nation reserve on Sunday. Both brothers apparently were residents of the indigenous reserve. Leaders of the tribe declined to answer questions but have put the blame on a broken system as well as a lack of resources to address mental health issues and substance abuse. Court records state that the crimes Myles Sanderson committed were acted on while he was heavily intoxicated.

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