With relief running out for millions of Americans and no end to the Coronavirus crisis in sight, on Tuesday, July 28 Care in Action -- the leading advocacy organization for the 2.5 million domestic workers in this country -- will be hosting a day of action at the Capitol to draw attention to the urgent need for relief and pressure Senators to do their job (#DoYourJob) and pass the HEROES Act. 

Organized with partners including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, American Federation of Teachers, CASA, the AFL-CIO, and MoveOn, the day of action will include a rally with hundreds of those who have been impacted most directly, including medical workers, teachers, domestic workers, and postal workers. There will also be stations offering free COVID testing, free PPE distribution, childcare, art-making, voter registration, and more.

“Thousands of essential workers are risking their lives every day at work to keep America safe. It’s time for the Senate to do its job to keep America safe, too,” said Care in Action Executive Director Jess Morales Rocketto. “This is a public health crisis. We need the Senate to pass the HEROES Act and provide relief now. Lives depend on it.”

The day of action is all about showing the American people what their lives would actually look like if Senators did their job and the federal government took care of its people.

The HEROES Act is an overwhelmingly popular and desperately-needed relief bill that was passed by the House of Representatives in May. It would do everything from extending unemployment insurance to distributing cash assistance to funding the postal service. It also includes premium pay for essential workers, child care support, expanded paid sick days and paid leave, and $3.6 billion for state and local governments to make our election systems safe.

Since Coronavirus surfaced in the United States, more than 3.9 million Americans have contracted the virus and over 140,000 Americans have died -- and tens of thousands of those deaths were entirely preventable. That’s why Care in Action is calling upon the U.S. Senate to take up the HEROES Act for a vote, pass it, send it to the House for a conference, and end up with a bill that provides real relief to as many people as possible. 

Care in Action organized the day of action along with partners including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, American Federation of Teachers, the AFL-CIO, MoveOn, Daily Kos, CASA, Center for Popular Democracy Action, Family Values @ Work, Masks for America, Hand in Hand, Tax March, Labor Network for Sustainability, and American Family Voices.