Mexican actor and comedian Carlos Bonavides also known as Huicho Dominguez, told Univision News he was subjected to humiliation when Immigration agents denied him the entry to the United States and eliminated his visa to enter the country for the next five years.

The actor shared his testimonial and expressed his concern on "this horrible situation that millions of Latinos face these days." "We never managed to convince them, they made us swear on the Bible, we were scoured like criminals, they put our hands against the wall, they took my socks off and finally cancelled our visa," the actor revealed.

The "El Premio Mayor" telenovela star said he was with actress Maribel Fernandez and another friend who accompanied him to Houston, Texas to assist to a friend’s birthday party. He explained that the immigration agent distrusted his intentions by telling him he was travelling into the country to work and not as a visitor.

"Everyone was taken to a room to be interrogated. The immigration officer told me not to play with her intelligence and I said do not play with my rights because I am not coming to work," he explained.

The actor insisted that he was traveling as a tourist and had the corresponding visa for it. "I had stayed in the United States many times visiting and working and I have always been well received. Now things have really changed," Benavides added.

For Huicho, the treatment he was objected to denotes the environment that prevails in the U.S. after reinforcing the migratory policies of the new government. "It’s wrong how they treat Mexicans by their color, by their Latin aspect. How bad is it that they don’t mind separating families? That is a tragedy," he commented.

Immigration vetoed the actor for the next five years but he says he has no intention of returning to the country while Donald Trump remains president.

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