Carlos Slim
The Mexican billionaire AFP

The fortune of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has passed the $100 billion mark for the first time on Thursday, according to Bloomberg.

The media company, which continuously updates its billionaires index, reported that Slim's net worth increased by $27 billion this year, including $3 billion on Thursday.

Most of the increase has to do with the continued strength of the Mexican peso (dubbed the superpeso in the markets), which has appreciated 14% against the U.S. dollar so far this year.

However, Slim fell a few positions in the ranking, as the recent surge in Wall Street has propelled tech founders to the top positions in the world. He's now in the 11th spot globally and the richest man in Latin America.12 years ago he held the spot of the world's richest person.

According to Bloomberg, the bulk of Slim's fortune comes from his telecommunications company, América Móvil, which collects almost 40% of its revenue in Mexican pesos.

Moreover, shares "of Slim's Grupo Carso SAB, which does everything from construction to operating restaurants and shops, have soared 109% this year and are the best performing in Mexico's benchmark index," Bloomberg said.

Slim has remained active in his companies' daily operations and still makes most of the decisions concerning his empire.

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