Carolina Guerra
Colombian actress Carolina Guerra plays Ima in "Da Vinci's Demons." Starz

Actress Carolina Guerra is hugely famous in her home country of Colombia. But, never before has she taken on as challenging a role as she did in Season 2 of “Da Vinci’s Demons.” “I’d say, without doubt, this is one of the most challenging characters I’ve ever done,” she told Latin Times in an exclusive interview. Guerra joined the cast after the first season to play a new character, Ima, the striking Incan priestess, in the action adventure series. Guerra’s character will make her debut this Saturday in episode 5 “The Sun And The Moon.”

Season 1 of “Da Vinci’s Demons” hit record viewership for Starz when it debuted last April while averaging four million viewers per week. The show tells the life story of the great genius Leonardo Da Vinci during his younger years during the renaissance. The series was created by David S. Goyer and stars Tom Riley, along with Laura Haddock, Elliot Cowan, Laura Pulver and Blake Ritson.

Carolina Guerra
Carolina Guerra's character Ima will make her debut this Saturday in episode 5 "The Sun And The Moon." Starz

Guerra is no stranger to challenges. She has done it all in Spanish entertainment. She is an actress, as well a model and television presenter. She presents Univision’s “¡Viva el Sueño!” and is one of the hosts of “Colombia’s Next Top Model.” Guerra has also presented the MTV show “Rock Dinner” and “Pixcelu,” as well as starred in a number of Colombian telenovelas. Most recently she worked on an American terror film called “Gallows Hill” with Spanish director Víctor García. The film marked her first time acting in an English role, and her co-star Sofia Myles helped her land her second English-language role as Ima in “Da Vinci’s Demons.”

Myles had a casting director friend who was looking for someone to play the role of Ima, but she wasn’t liking any of her prospects. So, Myles suggested her “Gallows Hill” co-star Guerra. “One month later I received a call saying that David Goyer wanted me to fly to London to audition with the lead actor Tom Riley. I almost had a heart attack, but I survived! So, I flew to London and did my audition with Tom, which was the most amazing thing,” the Colombian actress said.

It was Guerra’s first time in London and as nervous as she was, she said upon meeting Riley, she was instantly at ease. “He was so generous and so down to earth. Everybody was so down to earth and so amazingly talented. It was jaw-dropping.” Guerra said she’s also always had a curiosity about Shamanism and ancient wisdom, which drew her to the role.

Carolina Guerra
Carolina Guerra plays an ancient Incan priestess in Season 2 of "Da Vinci's Demons." Starz

Being the only Latino member in the cast, Guerra said she and her character are going to bring a “whole new world” to the show this season. “She represents the mystics and a whole different kind of knowledge and wisdom, which is very interesting,” Guerra gushed. “I am so blessed to be able to play something like this.” Though with the opportunity to play Ima, Guerra said she felt the burden of responsibility in representing ancient Latin American peoples. “I was not only the only Latin member in the cast, but I am playing something really, really important. I’m playing an ancient knowledge here ... I am so proud and grateful that they picked me to do this, and I’m very aware of the responsibility of that. I’m very happy they wanted to tell a little bit of our [Latinos] story in ‘Da Vinci’s Demons.’”

There were many language challenges that Guerra had to face as well. “Not only was I acting in my second language, but I couldn’t speak English. For my character it made no sense to speak American -- if I can call my English, American English. [Laughs]I had to slow down a lot.” The actress also had to learn a third language: Quechua, the mother tongue of the ancient Incan people. Guerra recalled having to give a massive Quechua speech. “It had to be so strong. It was very challenging. I remember I was almost in a hypothermic state with my golden coconuts on!”

Despite the many challenges, Guerra said “Da Vinci’s Demons” has changed the coarse of her career for good. “A work that makes you learn so much is always going to be the most exciting ever and this was the opportunity for that ... also for this role, the responsibility of being the only Latin member in the cast and to represent Latin roots. That was amazing. I loved every single part to of it.” The actress also praised the “amazing” directors and cast of “Da Vinci’s Demons.” As Guerra put it: “I think ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ means to me: It’s the before and after ‘Di Vinci’s Demons’ in my life.”

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