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Caroline Harris became the youngest Republican woman to ever serve in the 52nd Texas House of Representative District, after defeating Democrat Luis Echegaray. The seat was previously represented by another young member James Talarico, from the Democratic Party but was later transferred to a more Red-friendly district in 2020. Later Talarico was elected to run in the bluer 50th District, leaving a seat open for a new incumbent.

Fox News reported that Harris’ campaign heavily focused on property taxes, border security, parental rights on education, and furthering the pro-life movement. Her opponent, Echegaray, campaigned the polar opposite, pushing for immigration reform, gun control, and the pro-choice movement.

When asked by media about her victory, Harris replied confidently, crediting her office’s success to their hard work and sheer grit, coupled with effective messaging and “a grassroots army of volunteers” who were more than eager to paint the seat from blue to red.

Harris had received many endorsements from high-profile officials early on in the race, such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, himself, who released a statement endorsing her candidacy. The statement said that Harris was a lifelong conservative and her experience working for conservative movements with the Legislature will give her constituents a determined fighter with strong pro-life and second-amendment credentials. The Governor ended with a message urging those in House District 52 to support the newly elected Representative.

Additionally, Harris received further support from a non-profit organization called Run Gen-Z, a group dedicated to preparing the next generation of leaders to take action and charge of the country’s future by upholding the vision of the U.S. founding fathers and supporting more conservative values, which include limited government, free market capitalism, individual responsibility, and fiscal restraint.

Harris spoke on the importance of her generation taking seats at the table that determines public policy decisions that will ultimately shape the future of not only the state of Texas but the nation as a whole. She added that the Democratic party has long claimed to be the voice for young women in the country, and she is eager to challenge that idea by giving a strong counter-voice on behalf of conservative women of every age.

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